Bridal makeup for green eyes: 5 tips from a make-up artist

Bridal makeup for green eyes: 5 tips from a make-up artist

Bridal makeup for green eyes: 5 tips from a make-up artist. Have you already found what strikes you most among the many wedding dresses you have tried? Or are you thinking of opting for short wedding dresses to pair with elegant wedding shoes? But are not sure yet if you make an exception to the traditional outfit rule? When you are sure you have made the best choice, take some time to dedicate yourself to the wedding makeup that will make you beautiful on your wedding day. To tell you in detail and in-depth is Ester Mancino, an expert image consultant. And a make-up artist from Taranto who will give you 5 valuable tips to make a perfect wedding makeup for green eyes.

1. How do I choose nuances?Bridal makeup for green eyes: 5 tips from a make-up artist

The eyes are a fundamental part of the face, which is generally emphasized on the wedding day with a makeup that highlights the color of the iris. Today we will look at the factors to be considered to develop a magnificent green eye makeup. Certainly, we will never fail if we will focus on the purple and its nuances, which contrast the green in a spectacular way, and aim for warm shades such as mauve, lilac, plum, pink, taupe, aubergine, aquamarine, and even shades of brownand the subdued of red.

We tend to believe that the green eyeshadow is not suitable for those with green eyes, but it is not so, the secret is to find a more intense shade of iris color to create a clear contrast. Black is ideal for those who have dark green eyes, for those who have the eyes of a lighter green I would opt for a natural bridal makeup, preferring eyeshadow flesh and powder.

2. How much does the color of the hair and the complexion affect?

Bridal makeup for green eyes: 5 tips from a make-up artist

For a satisfactory result, the color of the hair. And the complexion must also be taken into consideration. With brown hair, you have to focus on the brightness, with light skin the colors are good pink and peach, while for the darker skin. I would recommend the shades of bronze and gold. The blondes are enhanced with green and ivory nuances, for the reds the golden, rosy. And emerald green colors are good. In addition, clothes also play a key role, if you have chosen simple wedding dresses, you can play more on makeup. And enrich it with slightly brighter shades.

3. Is there a different trick for every eye cut?Bridal makeup for green eyes: 5 tips from a make-up artist

Brides with green eyes need more attention in choosing colors to make their eyes deep. Because they are more difficult to make up; certainly even a bridal eyes brown makeup deserves no less attention. The first thing to do is to observe the shape of the eyes, which changes for each face. And consequently also the nuances. Each eye has its own peculiarities, it can be round, protruding, almond-shaped, downwards. And each form has its own trick technique best suited to enhance the look. Just know the right techniques and do not underestimate the eyebrow arch, even if sometimes this is overlooked.

4. What are the most trendy nuances?Bridal makeup for green eyes: 5 tips from a make-up artist

Although this year the trend remains the nude, powder. And nuances very natural and warm, it is not a rule for me. Because a beautiful smokey eye on black. Or brown makes the eyes more intense green and is suitable for those with a strong personality. The important thing is to make a good base to your makeup by relying on a professional makeup that will certainly succeed, looking at the overall color of your eyes, hair color. And complexion, to find the right shades to enhance. And illuminate your face, making the look that will always be in the foreground unique.

5. What does the expert recommend?Bridal makeup for green eyes: 5 tips from a make-up artist

The wedding makeup should be chosen according to your tastes and your personality, so as far as I’m concerned, there is no specific wedding makeup, for this reason before a makeup test must never miss a consultation that allows you to understand what style has my future bride. The first thing I ask, in fact, is what it would never give up, it could not give up a red lipstick, the eyeliner or the black pencil on the conjunctiva. It is essential not to distort the personality of a bride with make-up. It will be one of the most important days of the vault and it is right that you feel at ease as when, wearing the dress for the first time, you feel that it is the right one. The same also applies to make-up.

Remember to pay special attention to the wedding hairstyle and make sure that you play in harmony with the makeup. If it is a summer ceremony, it is better to opt for a semi-clean hairstyle, in order to leave the neck and shoulders uncovered. You can add to the combing of the flowers combined with the bride’s bouquet, so as to give it a very natural but also very original air.