Makeup in summer: Luminous skin in 5 steps

Makeup in summer

Getting a luminous skin during the hottest months is a very important challenge. Therefore, it is consider to having some makeup tricks on hand in summer is a fabulous idea. Before starting to apply colored products on the skin it is important to have properly prepared the face, in order to have a healthy canvas on which to work and makeup in summer.

In addition, it’s recommended to not using many makeup products in summer. It is much more to create a natural effect, limiting cosmetics. Despite this, it is true that there are days when we need a plus of beauty and makeup is our secret weapon.

Steps for a good makeup in summer

1) Prepare your skin

Makeup in summer

Preparing the skin before makeup in summer is essential. It is usually modify the routine depending on whether you are going to put on makeup for the day or night. For example, before a daytime makeup always apply a good cream sunscreen with SPF 50. For the night, it’s best to resort to lighter cosmetics, with flash effect, since they bring a plus of luminosity to the face.

2) Corrections are essential

Makeup in summer

Many times when you are going to put on makeup in those hot months, the only thing you apply is a good concealer. If you use a quality product, able to cover spots and dark circles in a discreet and healthy way, you will not need anything else. Right now you can use corrector by Margaret Astor, which you will love, and it’s long-lasting. If you have dark circles under your eyes it’s recommended. The only problem is that they only have 3 shades to choose from. You can use the darkest one in summer, which is exactly the same shade of tanned skin.

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3) Foundation makeup yes or no?

Makeup in summer

Obviously, you have two options for makeup in summer. In addition, the foundation is only welcome when you have an important event. Otherwise, you can manage very well with the concealer and some powder with some color. If you use base, look for one that is not too opaque and matifies the skin well. Do not apply too much so that the tan does not get lost. It is important that you blend well the makeup towards the neck and the neckline, to avoid that horrible mask effect.

4) Powdered products

Makeup in summer

The powder makeup is a perfect ally of the summer. For a natural and light look, just a little bit of sun powder and some rouge will suffice. The glow effect you will achieve through the illuminator. For the day to day you can usually use the rouge also as an eye shadow. So do not waste time and the result is a natural makeup, perfect for the season.

5) Eyelashes and lips

Makeup in summer

To top off the makeup in summer you have to give prominence to your eyelashes. A waterproof mask, which curls and curls the eyelashes is ideal. For the lips you can opt for neutral tones and nudes during the day and more vibrant colors for the night.