How to master the art of wearing red lipstick

Red lipstick is a bold statement. Done well, it can add sex appeal to any outfit. But done badly, it is an unforgiving choice.

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Regardless of its smudge risk, red lipstick is a timeless shade that is still popular today. Stylecraze places it at number one among the most popular lipstick shades of all time, especially for paler complexions with rosy hues.

If you want to master the art of rocking red lips in a sexy, sultry and non-smudge manner then here are some tips to help you along.

Choose the right shade

Choosing the right shade of red is important. A MAC pillar box red is very different to a Lancome cosmetics deep burgundy, for example, and getting the right look for you depends on factors such as your complexion, your outfit and the rest of your makeup. A bright red will go well with smokey eyes and an all-black outfit for a dramatic, statement look in the evening, whereas an orange-tinted red can be a more casual look teamed with tan and white for a crisp, clean edge to your work makeup.

Apply well

Use a brush to apply your lipstick working from the middle out. At this stage, the precision of the application doesn’t have to be perfect. Once both your lips are covered then you can use a lip liner to add definition to the shape and enhance areas such as your cupids bow.

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Press down

Mushing your lips together or dabbing them on a tissue will even the lips out, remove any excess lipstick and make for a longer lasting look. It’s important to consider texture in any lipstick application – with many gloss, matt and sheer brands on the market, it’s trial and error to see which texture you’re most comfortable with. Lancome cosmetics offer a range of red lipsticks in various styles and textures.

Test it out

Remember, there are many ways to trial a red lipstick before taking the plunge. For a more subtle look, use a balm on your lips then use your finger to dab lipstick over the lips rather than liberally applying. This will leave a more stained look rather than a thick layer. It can help you discover which shades work best for you.