Chocolate Brown Glittery Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial

Chocolate Brown Glittery
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The look we are going to create today is a perfect formal look, it is a bit too much for a day to day look, but if you use the lighter shade or slightly less shimmer then you can try this look during your day to day life. We will start with applying the prime all over the lids.

You need slightly shiny base so I am using a silver highlighter with slightly lightest pink shade. Apply all over the lid and blend well. Now apply a soft wash of nude eye shadow to the crease using windshield wiper motions. Blend it well and it will act as transition shade.

Chocolate Brown Glittery

Take thin detailing contour brush and cinnamon shimmer shade. Apply directly to the crease and blend. Now take slightly deeper color and apply right over the crease to add depth in the gradient and add more smokiness, and now blend these two shades well.

Now you need to take your flat brush and take “Truffle” shade with that and apply right over the outer two thirds of the lid and keep the corner sharp and clean. If you are not sure how to do that then you can use clean tap for that because you need to define the edge for this look. Blend that chocolate shade in the lid too, but just over the 2/3 of the lid. You may also like

Chocolate Brown Glittery

Now line the lower lash line with the same shimmery chocolate or darker brown shade, now you need to keep super blended to get right kind of look cause it is a pretty sharp shade and need extra blending to get right look, now clean your brush and you need to take bright shimmery Serene shade of chocolate.

Apply right over the center of your lid and then blend it toward inner corner of your eyes and blend it well and then take some more and tab right over the center of the lid.

Chocolate Brown Glittery

Take small thin brush and pure black shade with that. Apply right over the outer coverer and deepen the outer V shade. Now take pure black gel liner and apply a thick liner over the top lash line. Then take black eye liner and liner the rim, the entire waterline and tight line. Apply mascara now, when you are perfectly done with your look, let the shades get dry and settled down.

Take the gel liner of gold glitter and apply right over the inner corner, the tear duct pint. While it is still wet, take glitter pot of Gold and sprinkle some glitter over it to get even brighter inner corner and you are done.

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