Makeup Tips to Hide a Double Chin

Makeup Tips to Hide a Double Chin

There are many ways to hide the double chin like chewing the gum, by losing weight, by changing the hairstyle and others but here we will discuss about the makeup tips which can hide a double chin.

One need to lose weight and get in perfect body weight and shape to get beautiful younger looking appearance, especially double chin, it can make you look old and fat even if you are not, it adds at least 5 years in your face, it is not very hard to lose double chin, but yes!!!

It needs some time, and what if you don’t have time and you need to go somewhere special? You can learn different techniques for makeup to help cover your double chin. Contouring makeup trick is used to minimize the area that you want to humiliate. Then you can apply makeup in areas that you want to maximize draw attention away from your double chin.

Brush A Powder Bronzer: Brush powder bronzer subtly together jaw line from ear to ear. Select ton gold bronzer if you have medium dark skin or pink- tinted bronzer if you have fair skin. Make sure it is mixed well so you do not see the line.

Makeup Tips to Hide a Double Chin

Remember to keep it on the jaw bone a single line. Sacha Cosmetics, makeup for the official Miss USA and Universe participants said that you can choose a bronzer instead of blush for a warm glow. To bring your look together and make it a more natural look, use the same bronzer as blush on the cheekbones.

Distract Away: If you have double chin and you are trying to highlight your lips to distract it, then you are wrong, highlight your eyes because if one would see your lips, his/her eyes go straight to your double chine.

Pay attention on your foundation or concealer and use nice blusher to highlight your cheeks, use falsies, a good mascara and may be a metallic shadow, and use very light natural lip gloss to finish the look, you need to make sure to make your chin go unnoticed at all.

Contour: Never ever leave your home before you contour, even if you have perfect features and if you have perfect shape, still highlight shade on the top of the cheeks, under the eyes apple of the cheeks, apply some shade in the hollow of the cheeks.

Apply vertical strokes on your nose and draw a line at an angle around the nose, make it look long and sleek and blend a lot, use perfect shade and blend well, use a blusher.

Use a darker powder on the side of the face in the shape of “3″. Go from temple, under the cheeks and under the jaw line and let it swing on the neck too and blend, blend, blend, blend.

Bold Lips: If you are avoiding your eyes due to some reason, like you might having puffy eyes or dark circle then you have no way out except highlighting the lips.

For that you can use some bold red lips, some shimmer on the center or a pop of tint on the lips and that will keep the eyes on the level and keep the unwanted attention on the double chin at the edge.