Peach color how to use it for home decor

Definition and meaning of peach color. How to use the peach dye in the different rooms of the house: kitchen, living room, bedroom, bedroom, bathroom, and for internal and external walls. RGB color code, how to obtain the peach color in the different light and dark shades and color combinations.

Peach Wall Color Living Room

The peach color is a shade of orange that recalls the color of the inner skin of the fruit of the same name. The first use of this term dates back to 1558.

Among the latest trends in the field of furniture, the peach color represents one of the ways to bring liveliness and freshness into domestic environments, being able to use it both for painting the walls and focusing on some furnishing details, accessories, and textiles such as linen. in the bedroom or the curtains in the living room.

Peach color: meaning

Soft and pleasing to the eye, the peach color is definitely indicated to relax the nerves, so much so that it has established itself in the field of interior design among the best colors for rooms dedicated to relaxation such as the sleeping area.

It is a nuance increasingly adopted by couples who come together in marriage, a very suitable color to convey feelings of calmness and elegance at the same time.

Since it is a color that comes directly from Nature, it becomes easy to set up the bride’s bouquet with types of flowers that refer to the color.

Peach color to paint the walls of the house: ideas

Although it is a color that presents itself with a relaxing and soft aspect, peach shows all its personality in combination with warm colors, managing to integrate in a pleasant way.

It is a color that does not tire and therefore can be used both for entire walls and for corners of a room.

The interesting solution is also for furnishings and small accessories adapting to any style, showing elegance and a certain degree of versatility.

Peach color in the bedroom

In the sleeping area, it is one of the best colors ever. It proves to be a suitable color to transfer a relaxing tone to the environment.

Even when you want to renovate a classic, shabby, or Nordic environment, in which you often tend to prefer the brightness and traditionality of white, peach is an excellent alternative.

For the little ones’ room or, for the newborn nursery area, the peach color turns out to be formidable, for that sweetness and calmness are able to infuse the whole environment.

In particular, for the sleeping area of ​​teenage girls, it is the right shade to lighten and give elegance at the same time, suitable for the walls behind the headboard and the study area.

The combinations with shades of peach, in addition to pink and red, make the environment very soft and pleasant.

Peach color in the bathroom

For a bathroom of small dimensions or particular for its conformation, as in an attic, it is a solution to play with chromatic effects and contrasts with white. Since it is a light color, there is no risk of making the environment even smaller, but rather it allows you to play on the details, cheering up the environment.

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Also pleasant is the choice of peach-colored linens, or curtains and carpets, fabrics that tend to embellish a monochromatic bathroom.

Peach color in the living room

In a hypothesis of renewal, when there is an unbridled desire to make the environment more cheerful, peach is a pleasant shade, reminiscent of Nature and the vitality of spring.

Not always suitable for the living room as a wall color, it becomes more of a color to be delegated to furnishing elements.

Or, if you want to change the seats, in a classic-style sitting room, the presence of a fireplace and an industrial-style coffee table constitute the setting for a very intimate room.

Peach color in the kitchen

The painting of the walls in the kitchen is very pleasant and delicate, for a room with restful tones and a Mediterranean flavor. The contrast with the white ceiling helps the brightness of the environment.

To renew the color of wooden wall units, it is a solution to try, almost always elegant, but certainly delicate.

Not bad as a solution for the kitchen walls, because it creates a background that can enhance the drawers and kitchen elements in other colors.

Peach color: RGB code

The peach color has the following RGB code: 255, 229, 180


To obtain the peach color, the three primary colors must be mixed as follows:

  • red 100%
  • yellow 89.8%
  • blue 70.59%

There are also interesting shades of this original color that can adapt well to the rooms of the house:

  • dark peach RGB 255, 218, 185
  • peach-orange RGB 255, 204, 153
  • peach yellow RGB 250, 223, 173

Peach color combinations

Multiple and interesting combinations of the peach color used for the walls or in the choice of furnishing elements. In particular, the color gives a lot with:

  • yellow
  • Orange
  • White
  • grey
  • dove gray