Shades of green: what are they? how to combine and decorate with photos

Aqua green, emerald green, apple green, this green, that green, in short, shades of green abound. It is estimated that more than 100 types of different shades of green have been cataloged by man. Faced with so many options, which shade of green to choose for decoration?

This is not the most difficult question. If you like green, you probably seek to insert the color in the decoration to bring relaxation, tranquility, balance, and that pleasant feeling of being closer to nature. Green also promotes feelings of security, stability, and comfort.

Green is the result of the mixture between blue and yellow, so it can be either fresh and relaxing, thanks to blue, or it can be cheerful and vibrant, thanks to yellow. Therefore, the tip is to choose the shade of green that most closely matches your personality and your decoration proposal.

A warmer shade of green, such as lime green and pistachio green, is great for youthful, modern environments. In this case, a good option is to use them in children’s bedrooms, contemporary offices, and other environments in the house that suggest that free, young, and independent spirit.

The more closed and sober shades of green, such as emerald green, moss green, army green, jade green, and olive green suggest proposals that overflow maturity, balance, and elegance. These shades look great in living and dining rooms, kitchens, and entryways.

And where to put green in the decor? Color can enter the environment in large spaces, such as walls, coatings, curtains, rugs, and large furniture, such as sofas and closets. But it is also possible to insert the shades of green in smaller details, such as lamps, pillows, paintings, and mirror frames.

Colors that match the shades of green

The different shades of green provide creative, original, but also elegant, neutral, and sober combinations. If the idea is to make a visual impact, go for green combined with its complementary colors, such as pink, red, and orange.

For serious and sophisticated proposals, combine green with neutral tones like white and black. Another perfect combination for green is the tones of natural materials, such as wood, exposed bricks, sisal, wicker, and bamboo fibers, for example. This partnership yields welcoming environments full of inspiration from nature.

The combination of tone on tone of greens also looks beautiful in interior decoration proposals. Another way to bring green indoors is to use plants.

Some decorating ideas that use shades of green

  • Green coating for the bathroom shower area; the warmer shade of color brought warmth and coziness to the environment
  • The combination between green and white is always a classic
  • How about a green sofa to finish off the living room decor?
  • The bluish-green tone of the sofa is also a great choice for the living room; especially in this well lit
  • The olive green tone brings balance, serenity, and relaxation to the couple’s bedroom
  • Green tones in the decoration details of this white and black room
  • Lime green also enters into small details in the composition of this bathroom.
  • A cheerful and relaxed shade of green to match the clean proposal of the kitchen, full of natural elements, such as wood and bricks.
  • The white children’s room gained dark green details that enriched the environment.
  • How beautiful is this little children’s room with a replica of a treehouse; the shade of green enters here to bring the mood of nature
  • The wall of this bathroom gained a coating with varying shades of green.
  • How to make a sober decoration with shades of green? Putting gray in the base
  • Dark green, a little grayish, was the color chosen for the wall of this outdoor area.
  • And the all-white bathroom was boosted by the small part covered in lime green.
  • This retro-style bathroom, on the other hand, bet on a soft and very light shade of green on the walls.
  • Beautiful tone-on-tone green inspiration on the facade of the edicule
  • Contemporary bathroom with dark green subway tile; black comes to complete the proposal
  • Tone on the tone of greens in the bathroom wall cladding
  • In this integrated environment of neutral tones, the dark green sliding door stands out.
  • To brighten the day, a bathroom all covered with lime green tiles
  • Not very common, but worth the bet: furniture all made in a dark green tone
  • Olive green is everything in this kitchen, from the walls to the ceiling.
  • Sophistication with shades of green can be achieved by adding a little gold
  • It is not enough to be green, it has to accompany a super original print
  • Cabinets, walls,s, and ceiling merge in the same shade of green
  • Almost beige, this shade of green brings calm and relaxation to the bathroom.
  • Mint green on the porch chairs
  • A bluish-green wall to match the light wood bed
  • Green, white and yellow: a trio full of personality for the kitchen
  • Contemporary living room highlighted by dark green velvet sofa
  • Pure comfort this upholstered headboard in shades of blue-green
  • White bedroom with shades of green and blue in the details
  • For those who prefer to stay in the field of neutrality, you can bet on the use of mint green, it is discreet, but still makes a presence
  • A green floor almost reaching Yello
  • Sophisticated and elegant, this dining room has fearlessly bet on dark green tones.
  • Green details to make a difference
  • Moss green and wood tones: a warm and comforting combination
  • Dark green in combination with black brings sobriety and maturity to the environment, not to mention that the choice also suggests a certain touch of masculinity
  • Green wall, but without taking away the neutrality of the bathroom
  • Gorgeous kitchen inspiration with green cabinets and black granite countertops; the highlight the floor in shades of black and yellow contrasting with the furniture
  • The home office won a modern wallpaper with green leaves and black background
  • Sobriety, elegance, and modernity at the same time with the dark green tone on the walls
  • Now if contrast is what you want, this is the ideal inspiration
  • Playful and colorful this inspiration from cabinets in different shades of green
  • Green metro tiles in harmonious contrast with the black kitchen furniture
  • The modern and minimalist bedroom features a light gray-green wall
  • Emerald green on the wall: the color of sophistication and elegance
  • As for the children’s room, a citrus green tone is a great option.
  • Varied shades of green in the living room armchairs
  • When in doubt, combine green with wooden pieces, it always works
  • Warm and light the white environment with a green wall
  • Different shades of green brighten up this upholstered wall in a children’s room
  • Green velvet sofa: the perfect color and furniture to relax
  • Look how luxurious this bathroom with green walls is!
  • The apartment’s balcony was amazing with the combination of different shades of green; perfect to enjoy the beautiful landscape
  • A living room with green walls that oozes elegance and modernity