How to arrange an art deco living room?

Do you want a change of decor but you don’t really know where to start? Discover all our ideas for arranging an art deco-style living room without making a mistake. A chic and ultra-trendy decor atmosphere that is back on the scene.

The essentials of the art deco styleart deco living room

The art deco style is a mix of design and vintage. We opt for noble materials such as velvet, brass, marble, mahogany, or glass. There are also some colors specific to the vintage style such as mustard yellow, royal blue, and bottle green. But what makes the art deco style unique is its chic and luxurious side.

The lounge areaart deco living room

The development of an art deco-style lounge area begins with the choice of furniture. First of all, bet on a beautiful sofa or satin velvet armchairs. Then add a coffee table with a round top and brass legs. Finally, be sure to harmonize all the colors together so as not to overload your decoration. Stay chic but not kitsch. For the more adventurous, opt for a pretty wallpaper with geometric floral patterns or terrazzo on a wall and the atmosphere of your living room will have a whole new look!


The dining areaart deco living room

For a 100% art deco dining area, choose a large round table with a marble or glass top. Around, arrange velvet chairs with compass legs and bet on warm colors to contrast with your table. Finally, do not neglect the importance of the luminaire which will bring character to your room. Bet on a large pendant in golden brass and place it just above your table. Also, for elaborate and always more chic decoration, add a beautiful striated glass vase in the center of your table.

Indispensable art-deco objects

Golden suspension, striated vase, and velvet cushion, the art deco style is also defined by small chic and flashy decorative touches. If you want to create a living room or dining room in art deco style without changing all of your furniture, then bet your decor on accessories. Opt for satin velvet cushions in royal blue, red, or green. Add some decorative objects in golden brass, geometric mirrors, a beautiful round pendant light and you’re done!