Colors to paint a small kitchen

small kitchen

There is a general tendency to believe that small spaces do not offer too many possibilities in terms of decoration. Nothing could be further from the truth. You just have to have a little taste and style to get a functional space, practical and, in addition, beautiful. One of the most important aspects of decoration is color, so there are many people who ask for the best colors to paint a small kitchen.

Well, the truth is that there are many options available, although all of them have the same objective: to maximize the amplitude of the space. Next, we indicate the most indicated colors to paint small kitchens. There are many options available, for all types of tastes and personal preferences, as well as decoration styles.

What are the best colors to paint a small kitchen?

If you have a kitchen of small size and you want it to look bigger, in the following points we tell you some ideas that surely serve you as inspiration.

Whitesmall kitchen

White is one of the star colors when decorating kitchens of all sizes, and especially the smallest ones. The White implies purity. So that it brings a sense of cleanliness and order; two qualities that are greatly appreciated in a kitchen, in which there is usually a frenetic activity. In addition, in the case of small kitchens, it significantly enlarges the space and maximizes the luminosity.

The white is not at all and boring color because taking it as a base, you can add elements in bright colors, that give that touch of joy to space.

Neutral colorssmall kitchen

When decorating any small space, neutral colors are the key. From the aesthetic point of view, they do not overload the space, nor are they boring in the medium and long-term. Of course, so that the kitchen is not too boring, you can bet on interesting combinations.

You must use neutral colors, such as white or beige as a base, on walls, furniture, and countertops. Then, you can be encouraged with accessories in more vivid tones, such as olive green. The combination of beige and olive green, in addition to enhancing the space of the kitchen, brings a very interesting natural touch.

Black and whitesmall kitchen

Black and white is a mix of colors that never fails, whose combination brings a touch of freshness and exquisite elegance. In addition, it is the main base of the minimalist style, which revolves around introducing as few elements as possible to decorate a room, which is a luxury for a small kitchen.

Taking into account the small size of the room, it is best to introduce small details in black. And let white be the main protagonist: furniture, floors, walls …

Light colorssmall kitchen

Of course, light colors are another great option for a small kitchen. Among all of them, there are two highly recommended to get a wide space from the visual point of view and, in addition, aesthetic.

Blue color: one of the main advantages of betting on blue is that it is a color that brings a lot of tranquility, thus creating relaxed environments; just what is needed in a kitchen. To avoid that the space is too cold, a good advice is to combine blue with white. In this way, a very attractive visual contrast is created and, in addition, breaks with the uniformity of the monochromatic spaces.

Green color: in the same way as blue, green is one of the best colors to paint a small kitchen. It inspires calm and harmony and, in addition, gives a natural touch to space. Do not forget that green is fairly easy to clean color, which is a great point in favor.

Vivid colorssmall kitchen

If you want to decorate the kitchen with bright colors, yellow is a great option to consider. One of the most innovative options on the market, ideal for daring people in decorating your home. It is recommended that yellow be strong, but not fluorescent; otherwise, it ends up exhausting visually and, in addition, makes the kitchen seem much smaller.

The yellow is very good with black and white. However, taking into account the small space of the kitchen, it is best that you opt for the white to accompany it. Helps soften the strength of yellow, thus balancing space harmoniously.

Tricks to visually expand a small kitchensmall kitchen

To finish, we want to provide a series of tricks to make a small kitchen look more visually wide.

Sliding doors: a great way to visually expand the space is to bet on the sliding doors, both for the entrance and for the furniture. And is that this type of doors does not need so much space to be opened.

Lighting: Of course, it is essential to maximize natural light. In addition to betting on curtains and/or blinds in light colors that allow the passage of light, glossy or glossy surfaces also expand the space visually.

Order: it is also interesting to remember that for the kitchen to look bigger, it is essential that it is always perfectly ordered. And the disorder makes spaces seem smaller than they really are. Therefore, the more items can be stored in cupboards and drawers, much better.

The kitchen is one of the most important spaces of many homes today. So it is worth paying close attention to its decoration. Do not forget that it is a stay in which they spend a lot of hours. So it must be decorated according to the tastes and personal preferences of each. Of course, you also have to take into account its size. And choose the best colors to paint a small kitchen. In this way, space is achieved in perfect harmony and more visually.