The most complete guide to black shoes

black shoes

The black shoes are perhaps the most recurring choice when choosing footwear. That is why you could not miss a guide with the best models and styles to combine them.

Styling with dark shoes does not seem complicated a priori, since black shoes combine with everything. Although, as we will see later, this is not entirely true.

What is complicated about a look of this type is the wide variety of combinations and trends that there are to choose from when the time comes.

Therefore, with this guide, we try to make the choice a little easier, collecting information about models, types, styles in trend, and how to combine them so that you do not go crazy and crazy.


There are celebrations in which we all want to be as glamorous as possible and for that, black shoes will always add an elegant touch to our looks with which we will not fail.

A black or dark dress shoes will never leave us bad at any event.

When choosing a model, we must take into account the type of event we are going to attend. Because going to a work meeting is not the same as going to a wedding.

Take into account the style of footwear, such as glitter or rhinestones, which is more suitable for more informal, although very glamorous, evening celebrations, and other more elegant ones in which a dark dress shoe is more suitable.

Black high heels

We can find a high-heeled shoe for practically any occasion. The wide variety of these footwear allows us to use them for any type of situation, be it a celebration or a work event.

When it comes to choosing black shoes with heels, we will find models of all kinds, such as the classic black court shoes, as well as shoes with high, low, or wide heels, with glitter or rhinestones. Of course in the end it is up to you to choose the model that most stylizes you and goes more with your aesthetics.

Now comes word that we know how to do best, in addition to advising you and exposing you to general concepts, we compile for you a list of footwear that is in trend in each season as well as being the best valued by users.

It is clear that for a celebration such as a wedding we all like to dazzle, here we can already take out all the arsenal: glitter, rhinestones, stilettos …

We can now wear black rhinestone or glitter heels. Although if we are going to be on our feet almost all day, even giving everything on the dance floor, we can choose a model of platform shoes.

To continue talking about black shoes, we are going to comment on some styles and models of closed and open footwear.

Lace-up models

In the models of shoes with laces, we can highlight the Oxford or Derby style designs. This footwear has been on an upward trend in recent seasons thanks to its style and elegance.

Black wedge footwear

We all already know the benefits of wedge footwear, but is comfort at odds with style and elegance? Well of course not.

Below we are going to detail a list of the best-selling black wedge shoe designs this season.

Low-top shoes

Black models abound in low-top footwear, their elegance brings a point of sobriety and style to our most current and outgoing looks.


If we talk about one of the main characteristics that we look for when buying black shoes, then we must talk about comfort.

Therefore, it is important to look at and understand which are the models that best fit our feet and that will prevent chafing and pain.

So, you have to choose the right footwear for each person and for each season. Black shoes for summer should be cool and in winter protect from inclement weather.

Footwear with flat sole

Having flat black shoes in the closet can save us from a lot of trouble when we don’t know what to wear. If in addition to being able to use them with many garments, we add that they are ideal for walking and going elegant, it is a basic to take into account.

We always advise that they are not flat at all, that they have good sole width, and that they hold the foot firmly to have healthy feet and away from injuries.

To work use only comfort

If you have to wear comfortable black shoes somewhere, it’s at work. The comfort provided by footwear has been shown to improve performance and make thinking about sore feet and chafing not distract you from your tasks.

A pair of black shoes or sneakers is included as a uniform for most jobs for your discretion. They are usually classic and unadorned models but specialized in the well-being of the feet of people who spend many hours on their feet or who walk a lot during their workday.

Some of the differences with comfortable black footwear is that rest gel insoles, wider lasts, breathable materials, wide and non-slip soles are used for work to prevent falls.

What is more comfortable than sneakers?

The latest fashion in sports-style footwear has to do with colors. In the past seasons, the colors, increasingly striking, and prints are what is worn. But not for that, comfortable black sports cars have stopped being made.

They have not disappeared because black footwear will never go out of style.

As for comfort, a shoe of this style is perfect for comfort and pain-free feet. There are more to wear and others more specific for sports where it is essential that they do not rub or blisters.


You really can’t go wrong with some black shoes. It is a shoe that you can include in your wardrobe for any event, that is why they are a great contribution to your wardrobe.

You can pair them with just about anything, but to make things easier we’ve rounded up some of the most stylish looks to help you show off your black shoes.

Combine your suits with black shoes

Finding a suit and combining it with shoes is something we do every day. Easy right? «Black shoes combine with any suit since black is neutral …

Well no, not with brown suits for example.

Blue suits

The navy blue color combines perfectly with black shoes .

Why? Well, the color blue by nature can convey confidence, wisdom, and responsibility. Transfer a sense of calm and calm when people meet you.

Any hint of black tends to “blend in” well with more blue without distracting.

Gray suits

Gray suits are less formal but just as elegant as blue suits, but they are the same in terms of flexibility when it comes to color matching.

You can create perfect looks with three shoe colors: brown , black, and burgundy. Although in this case, we will only talk about black shoes.

They are not the ideal wardrobe for doing business (due to their clarity). But they are actually fine in offices where there is a more “relaxed” dress code.

Create looks with your favorite dresses

We do not find any element of surprise here, but we already know that combining black in your looks is a sure hit. So, add to your wardrobe a pair of black sandals, boots, heels, or wedges these come from far away and will be your guardian angel at any event.

Dare with red dresses

One of the most classic options to combine a red dress is black shoes. Footwear should always be consistent with the style of dress. That is if you are going to a costume party, opt for a low-heeled sandal. While if you are going to wear a casual dress, you can choose another style of black shoes. Red shoes or wine red shoes with a black dress is a combination that works either way.

Combine your dresses with different shades of pink

One of the shoes that most contrasts with a pastel pink dress are black. You probably already have them in your wardrobe, so it’s a piece of cake! Some elegant black sandals or black heels with a more formal dress. The pink tones for your looks are in trend, do not miss them.

Possibilities with your white dresses

Carefully pair white dresses with black shoes. Black and white is a classic combination, but it can look very austere and serious. It is best to leave it for the evenings or formal events. If you want, you can combine it with black shoes, try a pair of black ankle boots with a summer dress. Balance your look with black accessories such as a bracelet or a belt.

The elegance of a black dress

Is there anything more elegant than the perfect black dress? Black doesn’t have to be boring, and there are plenty of ways to express yourself while wearing this trendy shade. Elegant, easy to wear, and always on-trend, the black dress is officially in fashion, so why not give it a try?

Blue dress trends

Can you wear black shoes with a navy blue dress? I’m sure you’ve wondered guess what, you CAN wear black shoes with a navy blue dress.

* A tip for bag color: A jeweled black bag is more fun than an all-black one, which can be visually lost when worn near your dark blue dress. A metallic bag would look amazing too, whether it’s gold plated or rose gold. But don’t discount a white bag. A small one can be seen very well with this color mix!

We analyze the trends with pantsblack shoes

Choosing the right pair of pants to wear can be quite difficult, let alone deciding what to wear with them. The combination of black shoes and pants can easily make or break your look, and therefore, it is important to combine them well.

Blue pants

Navy is a very popular color to wear to work, a formal event or simply to go out with friends. For more formal occasions it is better to stick with traditional styles like blue pants and brown shoes. But in informal events, we can combine them with black shoes.

Change your style to white

White pants can be a quirky style for many men. But they are not really strong colors and they go with everything, so it is strange that this color has not reached our wardrobe anymore.

The color black does not go out of style

Due to the nature of the color black, it can easily go with anything, especially more black clothing.

Black pants black sneakers

Darker jeans look much more elegant than lighter jeans. This, combined with the casual nature of these pants, means that you can wear dark jeans with almost any type of shoe.


Like any type of footwear, black shoes need care and maintenance so that they last a long time and look perfect. Also in black shoes, the stains are noticeable at a distance. And immediately you see the dust and dirt of daily use.

Black leather shoes are the easiest to clean, since with polish of this color a brush to spread it, and suede to give it shine, you will have the shoes as new.

Cleaning black patent leather shoes

  • Patent leather if it does not have shine is a material that looks old and with little maintenance. That is why you should always wear shiny and clean black patent leather shoes.
  • As the main advice, we can say that you are careful with the products that you apply to footwear.
  • The best thing is that before using them you give them a layer of protection with petroleum jelly or beeswax.
  • Then buff it with a soft cloth until your eyes are dazzling.
  • And after use, it is enough to give it with a damp cloth with a little soap.

Get stain-free black suede shoes

  • And if we talk about the need for good maintenance, we must say that cleaning black suede shoes is the most tedious. Not only because dirt gets embedded inside the little hairs of leather and nubuck, but also because sometimes poor cleaning can ruin a good pair of shoes.
  • If the stains are small, they can be cleaned on the nubuck very easily with a clean eraser, without pencil residue, applying it to the dirt, and removing it with a suede brush.
  • If you want to give it a general review, with a damp cloth with a little vinegar or a little ammonia.
  • Or if you prefer not to have to think about how to clean black suede shoes, the best thing to do first is to give them a layer of a special protective product. It is a very good alternative especially if you are going to use them in areas where it rains a lot or in places where they are likely to get dirty. With this special product for suede, in addition to good shoe maintenance, there are some of them that also waterproof the skin, so your feet won’t get wet.