10 Nail decoration ideas 2019

Nail decoration

The middle nails are clean and beautiful and with a beautiful decoration they will look a lot better, discover 10 Nail decoration ideas for your hands with original, unique and fun designs.

Nail decoration ideas 2019

10. BicolorNail decoration

A very simple nail decoration, you can use adhesive tape to get it straight out. Paint the base color first and wait for it to dry before applying the color of the tip of your nail. Fix it with transparent enamel. You can use any color, just try to make them look harmonious together.

9. CheetahNail decoration

A very daring and fun nail decoration. It combines perfectly with blue and green colors. Paint the base first, wait for it to dry and paint the black lines with a toothpick or a very thin brush. Add a brown dot inside some black spots and that’s it!

8. StrawberriesNail decoration

For this nail decoration, you need red, green and yellow enamel. First paint the red base, then the green tip and add a yellow zigzag between them. The points add them with a toothpick. Remember that less is more, so try to make strokes as thin as possible.

7. CupcakeNail decoration

Once again, fine and careful strokes are the key to this nail decoration, keep in mind that the nail decoration demonstrates femininity. For this delightful design, try to use the right amount of enamel so that your nail does not look rough. The pink and pastel color will make it look very cute.

6. RosesNail decoration

Acute nail decoration inspired by the fashion of the 40s. Some almost abstract roses will make you look feminine and delicate.   As always, paint the base first. Then a pink circle, the lines and at the end the leaves. Pastel colors are key to this design.

5. BowsNail decoration

Widely used among celebrities, a small bow adorning your French manicure adds a touch of color and tenderness to your nails. You can buy pre-designed prints or if you prefer to take your artistic side, paint them yourself. Use a darker shade to delineate the center of the bow of this nail set.

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4. PointsNail decoration

If you do not have a lot of time, but still love how you see the nail decoration, this design is ideal. I recommend using a toothpick to paint the dots since the tip of a brush will drop too much polish and it will look rough. The points will look better if they are clearer than the base.

3. GradientNail decoration

If one day you feel very attached, why not try this cute nail decoration? You only have to help with a sponge, put the base color first, then the other colors you want, try to join them not at all and as each color joins the other, take the sponge to your nail to capture the mixture. Wait for it to dry and remove the excess.

2. CherriesNail decoration

Similar to the decoration of rose nails, but more fruity. A soft and delicate base is ideal for this design as it contrasts subtly with the red of the cherries. I recommend that the green you use for the stem of this nail decoration is not too dark either.

1. PandasNail decoration

The most tender in my list of nail decoration, a simple and friendly panda, Take into account that the nose should be smaller than the ears. I love how it combines black with white and more in such a simple design that it can also be a  design for long nails.

You can combine designs and colors, you do not necessarily have to paint the 10 nails with the same design, you can vary it according to your style.