Seven things you can do to learn photography at your own home

Normally when we encourage you to learn photography we resort to that of “do not stay at home, take the camera and go out to the street to take pictures”. And of course, summer is a good time for photos but there are many hours when the heat tightens and it is not advisable to go out there with temperatures that touch 40 degrees. So we consider ourselves can you practice at home? Of course yes! Not only can you but there are many ways to learn and practice without leaving your home.

Of course, it is not just about taking the camera to make some of those photos that can be done without problem inside the walls of a house, but also other related activities that are very useful to practice and learn. So, you know, instead of wasting time with WhatsApp, Facebook or Twitter, spend that free time you have to learn photography at home from some of the ways we’re going to tell you.

Practice composition

learn photography

Being able to compose effectively is undoubtedly a key to get good photographs and something that can be practiced anywhere, of course also at home. To learn photography at home the composition you just have to take photos and any reason is valid, either something that does not move or something that moves. In fact, although we already say that everything works, animated objects are a better topic since they force us to readjust the composition following their movement.

Try to make yourself a self-portrait

learn photography

It is possible that, as a photographer, you do not like much in the photos but I’m sure you would like to have a good self-portrait of yours to use in your social profiles or that website where you show your photos.

Although I tell you that the fundamental thing is to do it properly, planning well the place, the background, the composition, etc. and thinking about what you want to convey (even look for original options). And obviously it is a good practice that you can carry out in those dead hours of summer, taking advantage of the fact that the sun hits with force and makes light through the windows.

Learn more about your camera

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Have you read your camera’s manual? Insurance? I believe you but I am also convinced that a large majority has not done so now can be a good time. Although it may not seem like you can learn things by reading it and, above all, can help you improve the use of your camera.

The same thing you can also get by simply fiddling with the camera, navigating through the depths of their menus and changing their settings to test and get used to using some of their features that will come in handy when you’re away (and do not have time to “study”). If you want to be able to change the settings of the camera without having to look at them, this is the time to practice.

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Test with macro photography

learn photography

The world of macro photography is undoubtedly exciting and, although it may not seem like it, you do not have to go anywhere to practice it. In addition, it can help us to relax. Take, for example, this Japanese photographer or another specialist in macro photography who in this book confesses that all his spectacular macro photos of insects and flowers are made without having left the province of A Coruña.

To learn photography with micro objects at home you would need is some additional equipment, such as a macro lens or an extension tube, but in addition to there are low cost options you can always start by testing with the minimum focusing distance of your objective to get close to interesting things that have at home, or maybe practice stacking images.

Take the opportunity to do equipment maintenance

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Another very useful thing you can do in these downtimes is to clean your camera and accessories , a task that will coincide with me is important, especially if it is summer you will use the camera in delicate environments such as the beach. In addition, your home is the best place for cleaning, since you can work in the cleanest environment possible.

Check your old photos

learn photography

If you have free time it might be a good idea to go back and see your old photos, whether those paper copies of your analogue era that you keep in a drawer, or the digital photographs that you store on your hard drives. You will agree with me that when you go back to see photographs that you have made some time ago you observe them in another way, probably because of the time that has passed since you made them, and that makes you see them with another perspective.

Thanks to this, many times you find that the session that you were not very happy with now reveals very interesting photos that you can recover for your portfolio or, simply, it can help you learn from your mistakes. Take some time and I’m sure you find it useful.

Improve your edition

learn photography

Closely related to the above, when you have free time it can be the ideal time to dedicate it to organize your photos, delete the shots that do not work (if you did not do it before due to lack of time) and dedicate yourself to edit them.

Undoubtedly, beside learn photography it is a good time to improve your photo editing experience, perhaps improve your photographic workflow, implement new processes or some of the valuable tutorials we try to offer from these pages.