Dress style for the Fall season

Dress style

Although one more year it seems that the arrival of autumn is going to make you beg, it is impossible to ignore the new fashion trends for the fall and winter season 2018/2019. Because not only are they already on all the catwalks. But we can also find them in all the clothing stores and even in the BMW fashion collection, which has also joined the world of fashion with clothes and accessories that stand out for having the same quality standards that are demanded in BMW cars. We share the dress style for the fall season.

Do you want to know what else is going to take in the next fall season? We will reveal some of the most relevant and sought after bets at this time.

The Dress style for the Fall season

The white colorDress style

Although the prominence of this color during the summer is indisputable and is above any time and trend, this year has decided to accompany us also during the autumn and winter season. Boots, jackets, blouses, and pants that appear in the multiple shades of white. But the tendency is not to wear a white garment or a compliment, no, it is a highlight with a totally white outfit, which is known by the Anglo-Saxon term “total white”. It one of the dress style for the fall season.

Very high bootsDress style

It does not matter that the winter is coming warm, last year we began to have touches of this trend but if you did not get to get very high boots, this year’s insurance does not happen, they are presented as one of the most important bets important and strong this season. This is the trendy style of the fall season.

Extra large and long coats and jacketsDress style

This year we also continue with the oversized style, but in addition to coats, blazers, jackets, trench coats, raincoats, and oversized jackets, you will also see the extra long, the longer the better, so if you run out of your size do not worry that almost one or two sizes will not be noticed. It one of the dress style for the fall season.

Floral printsDress style

In addition to adopting the main color of summer, this autumn also hosts the print most linked to spring, flowers. But we will not only see them in the world of fashion and catwalks. But floral prints are also flooding homes in all new objects of decoration and even furniture. It one of the best dress style for the fall season.

Vibrant colorsDress style

The pink, yellow, orange, green and blue fluorescent shades that have been so much walked by the beaches during the last years, have moved surprisingly to the winter footbridges captivating all the public.

All blackDress style

And if you bet to be true to the color black. It is clear that whatever happens this classic will never disappoint you. Black is always a safe bet, it is an elegant, sophisticated color, very flattering and suitable for any occasion. But in addition, this year has stood out particularly in all the catwalks. And not only for being seen as the perfect combination for the vibrant colors of which we spoke in the previous point. But also for being the absolute protagonist in black looks from the feet to the head. It one of the dress style for the fall season. But black always is the trend.