How to choose the right marijuana bong?

Are you thinking about buying a new bong for marijuana? Let’s face it: the smokers are not always behind a new bong. But if the piece is broken, if you are tired of cleaning it, if you have entered some extra money, or simply if you need to update your old pipe or bong, then you are probably at the time of buying a new bong. Even if you are very happy with your current piece, each bong could be used once, a party, or by friends.

Without going to see all the gadgets that are in the market to smoke marijuana, we will focus only on the Bongs. Still there are so many varieties to choose from, glass, acrylic / plastic, ceramic and wood (bamboo, for the most part).

Glass is a classic, of course, and it is a material that is difficult to make mistakes with, it is a sign of quality. The plastic bongs are the cheapest, the ceramic bongs often come with custom designs, and they are fun, and beautiful, while the bamboo has durability and style.

The purchase of a water pipe is ultimately a matter of personal preference, and obtaining all the knowledge of the existing options can take years of use and experience until you know what really we like the most. We hope our advice can point you in the right direction or, at least, give you a better idea of the type of water pipe you are looking for. The first question you should ask yourself is …

What kind of bong will be the one you want to use?

And others that we can do are: what will be the usual bong? Is it going to be used once a week or three times a day? Are you going to use it as a personal piece or spend it when you are with people enjoying? Are you going to take it on road trips? How often are you going to clean it?

All these factors should contribute to improve your process of selecting a water pipe, be it the first Bong or the fifteenth you buy. If it is your first bong, you must be aware of your lung capacity. If you buy a pipe with too large or too many tubes or accessories that you do not use, you will not be satisfied with the purchase. If you never top your bong’s camera, you are not maximizing the potential of your piece. On the other hand, if you fill the camera with smoke, but you cannot take it whole with one blow, the smoke inside is no longer so fresh, which can cause the tasting to be a little rancid in the second set.

The measurements of the camera, tubes and mouthpiece also affect how you smoke and enjoy the Bong. Bongs that change in diameter along the length of the chamber are difficult to clean, especially if the pipe narrows towards the top. It has been said again and again that “bigger is not always better”, and it is still true in the world of water pipes, big bongs have a better chance of breaking, they also take up more space, which is good come with a box to keep it or have a site prepared for it.

And speaking of breaks … you have to decide if you are going to be the only person who uses the bong or if on the contrary it will also be in the hands of others. You have to be careful because there are friends who do not know how it works, or just put the ice in the receptacle that does not correspond, in any case if it goes through inexperienced hands greatly increase the chances of breaking the bong. Simply have the bong on the table in the living room or in the garage, to have a greater risk of being kicked or hit and knocked down, as well as hiding it in improper places like the top shelf of the clothes dryer or hiding underneath. Your bed, can also be very dangerous in a mistake.