All the best nail art and manicure for short nails

best nail art and manicure for short nails

Who said that having short nails is synonymous with little femininity and elegance? Here are some useful tips to enhance them to the fullest, with nail art or nail polish.

Who said that to be feminine and elegant you have to show off very long nails?

On the contrary, often having too long fingernails can even give an impression of vulgarity, especially if associated with nail art or glazes with rather particular colors and fluorescent colors. In short, the risk “raptor claws” is always around the corner if you do not pay attention to your own manicure, and even short nails, if well taken care of, can be very refined and discreet.

Nail art for short nails

best nail art and manicure for short nails

Most nail art requires long nails, sometimes very long, and a fair amount of manual and commitment; yet even those with short nails can make really beautiful nail art, for example using stickers simple, fine and original, which offer a wide choice: you can indulge in bright glitter, hearts, stars, metallic stripes, colorful doodles, writings, or details that look like jewels. For a super-summer and colorful manicure you can play with warm colors, while if you prefer a finer result you can go looking for more elaborate and sophisticated decorations. In addition, you can decide to put the stickers on only some nails, to make a simple one-color glaze more particular.

But the short nails wear very well even the matte shades that, although not a real nail art, it is still an original and easy manicure. Opaque colors that, however, are anything but dull.

The enamel suitable for short nails

best nail art and manicure for short nails

What are the most suitable nail polish for short nails? Even before dealing with the most suitable colors and textures, it is essential to spend two words on the shape of the nail to be preferred, and on how to apply the enamel. In fact, to give an extension of the nail, it would be better to choose an oval or pointed shape, but a very important aspect is to completely remove the cuticles, a trick that allows you to gain precious millimeters and to further slend the nail.

As for the real colors, generally the main rule is to always prefer bright and bright colors , which tend to open and enlarge, compared to the dark ones that, on the contrary, shrink (the total black is therefore an excellent choice in terms of clothing, a little ‘less for the nail art!). However, this does not mean that the dark shades should be completely abolished, but only on these colors, such as black, smoky gray or navy blue, it would be better to keep on the pearly or metallic versions, and not matte, as it is more bright.

Instead, bright colors and pop colors are welcome, such as yellow, fuchsia, orange, bright violet and acid green, as well as glitter and a large evergreen, red enamel. Okay also with pastel shades, as long as they are not too dark, from lilac to candy pink, to melon, to blue puff and mint green. On the other hand, light gray, pearly white and nude are to be avoided, which are dark shades that tend to shorten and make the fingers more stocky.

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The gel for short nails

best nail art and manicure for short nails

The gel nails are always the manicure chosen by those who want to have perfect nails and long, but having long is not the main discriminant, indeed: the gel on short nails is often the most apt choice, especially if there are problems of onychophagia or weak nails as this facilitates natural regrowth. You could opt for a gel in reverse like that of the photo, in which to be colored differently is the lower bezel of the nail.

Short almond nails

best nail art and manicure for short nails

The almond-shaped nails are a real classic with regard to manicures, and especially in recent times have come back in vogue, in what is known as a dancer.

If you think that this particular shape can only be obtained if you have very long nails, you are wrong: you can get beautiful results, with an elongated tip and narrow, even on short nails. Indeed, this form throws the fingers and gives them more elegance.

However, if your nails are particularly short, it is advisable to use the semi-permanent gel or nail polish to achieve a more harmonious result. But how to orient yourself to understand which type of treatment to rely on?

With gel reconstruction, thanks to the use of maps, or type, and to the subsequent application of the gel, to the creation of the camber, to the catalyzing and to the filing operation, perfect almond-shaped nails can be obtained even if starting from a very short base. Moreover, this type of reconstruction guarantees a very high duration of the manicure, and an exceptional hold of the enamel. With semi-permanent, however, if we start with very short nails, the result will be so effective, but less “spectacular”; the semi-permanent polish, in fact, allows you to make our nails stronger, giving a bright and flawless manicure even to weak and brittle nails, but since this application does not use either tip or maps – which help to lengthen the nails in artificial way – if the nails are short of such nature they will remain.

For this reason it is preferable to resort to semi-permanent to create almond nails only if the nails are not very short.