Five tips for the conscious shopper

With recent movements attempting to expand our knowledge of where our clothes come from and even TV documentaries to make us reconsider our shopping habits, now is the time to become a conscious shopper.

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We can all become more conscious shoppers by making an effort to recycle, repurpose or rewear our clothing. In this way, we can create far less wastage and have a positive effect on the environment.

Here are our five tips for the conscious shopper:

1. Sell any clothes you no longer want

Resell any clothes you no longer wear or do not fit using popular selling sites such as Depop and eBay, with high-end sites such as Vestiaire Collective used for selling luxury or designer items. Reselling clothes could even earn you a substantial amount of money.

It is recommended that a wardrobe clear-out is conducted every few months. In addition to being a therapeutic exercise, this ensures that the styles in your closet remain wearable and current.

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2. Never throw clothes away

If your clothes are not suitable for selling, never throw them away; instead, recycle them using recycling bins, with better-condition clothes being donated to a charity shop.

Keep an eye out for any high street retailer that may be running a campaign to collect used clothes. Chains such as H&M and Marks & Spencer often run projects such as this.

3. Invest in versatile garments

Invest in garments that are versatile and that you know you will wear over and over again.

Maxi dresses are one of the most versatile items of clothing and are available from fashion brands such as

Only buy clothes you know you can use to create different looks. This will enable you to create a stylish and adaptable capsule wardrobe.

4. Find your personal style

Identify your personal style in an effort to become a more conscious shopper. Ensure you only buy clothes that you feel fit your style best, as this will stop you purchasing clothes you simply will never wear again and reduce wastage.

5. Choose conscious or sustainable brands

Opt for brands that offer more conscious or sustainable ranges and consider purchasing from independent online stores or high street boutiques.

Smaller retailers are often more conscious, as their business does not rely on massive manufacturing volumes.