7 basic styles of dresses, do you identify with any?

styles of dresses

Fashion is a way of expression. The clothes you wear and the accessories you use say a lot about you: if you’re the kind of person who, perhaps in a hurry, dresses up with the first thing they find, or if, on the contrary, you choose clothes with care and prefer some more than others. Everyone has their own styles of dresses, although sometimes they risk it and decide to innovate with the trends of the moment, or for a certain event or context, they leave their comfort zone.

There are 7 styles, according to a video from the YouTube channel of designer Arantxa Cañadas. For the owner of the Tulle Rouge brand, from these seven are generated all others. For those who are not clear, these descriptions may well serve as a guide to finding your own style.

The styles of dresses

Natural stylestyles of dresses

More than the garments, which are usually comfortable, what characterizes this style are the fabrics. Textile fibers such as linen and cotton. On the Nomad Bubbles website is said that flax is the material of summer and, due to its freshness, it is perfect for the hot months. The colors are usually clear, neutral (white, gray), earth tones. The garments, due to their raw material, are loose, fluid. It is one of the best styles of dresses.

According to the designer Arantxa Cañadas, denim garments derived from cotton fall into this category. Therefore, if we wear jeans on a daily basis, we identify with this style, which, in general, is associated with a simple and close personality.

Classic stylestyles of dresses

Elegance and tradition are combined in the pieces that represent this style. The suits of the jacket and straight pants, as well as the skirts of tube or midi, the colors, smooth, although combined to each other (black and white, par excellence) and fabrics such as wool or tweed define it perfectly. The people who use it can stand out for their leadership, dominant personality and empowerment. It is one of the best old styles of dresses.

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Sophisticated stylestyles of dresses

This more refined, elegant and even refined style that is associated with the upper classes, the catwalks. And the Haut couture risks a little more in terms of colors and accessories. It is used by self-confident and perfectionist people.

If you want to know a little more about the difference between two basic concepts of the world of fashion associated with this style, here we leave you the following:

Romantic stylestyles of dresses

The sweet, delicate and very feminine is usually associated with this style. The garments are characterized by details such as flowers, bows, lace, embroidery, and flights. Here come the nude tones and the chromatic range of cakes and pinks. It is one of the best styles of dresses.

For the creator of the Youtube channel, Nightnonstop, this is the easiest style to identify, although erroneously associated with the corny. It is used by people who are generally sensitive, who like to take care of others.

Creative stylestyles of dresses

If there is an innovative style, which is constantly reinvented, this is it. The mixtures of colors, textures, and prints give rise to original and daring garments. There are people able to wear and show off combinations that others would think impossible to combine. This creative person, who does not follow the rules, does not get carried away by patterns or worries about the opinion of others: he expresses everything he has inside in the clothes he wears.

To innovate your outfit, here we leave you some ideas that range from combining different animal print to using plastic confections.

Dramatic stylestyles of dresses

The words “extravagant” and “asymmetry” become synonymous with this style, where “the color, the texture or the details are what make the difference”, according to the website I love shoes. People who dress with “drama” dare to use fashion trends and play with them. In the blog How I look today, it is clear that their personality is direct, open and exotic. In addition to large prints and shoulder pads, dark shades (violet, black). And eye-catching accessories, a strong, ornate makeup (smoky eyes, red lips) is used. It is one of the best styles of dresses.

Seductive stylestyles of dresses

When daring translates into sensuality, then we can identify it with this style. The garments adjusted to the body, Lycra type fabrics and other looser with a shine like satin and lingerie make up the  “seductive” outfits. One key point: the necklines, both front, and back. Not all garments are short, plus mini skirt and shorts, skinny trousers and leggings are identified with this pattern.

The designer Arantxa Cañada emphasizes in her video that this style should not touch vulgarity. And self-confident people who like to wear garments that highlight their curves are identified with it.

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