The best celebrity makeup and beauty tricks

celebrity makeup

They have spent their lives surrounded by the best makeup artists in the world, so they have a few aces hidden up their sleeves that they do not hesitate to share. We share the best celebrity makeup and beauty tricks.

ROSIE HUNTINGTONcelebrity makeup

The best trick of the model so that her makeup is natural is to use her hands instead of brushes because that way, she assures, the product melts better with the skin. In addition, she uses a BB Cream and always, always curls her eyelashes.

HAILEY BALDWINcelebrity makeup

We loved his trick to wear a fake tan. In addition to applying sun powders in a traditional way, the model extends her blush horizontally from cheek to cheek, that is, brushing over the nose. “So it seems that the sun has really given it,” she explains.

KIM KARDASHIANcelebrity makeup

She is the queen of contouring par excellence and now, she has even taken out her own makeup line, she has the best tips to get the most out of it. Kim uses two shades of powder, one light and the other darker and uses them for everything. The clearing acts as a concealer, illuminator, and base. With the dark marks the cheeks and also used as rouge and eyeshadow. Next, use a damp makeup sponge to blend the two tones well. Keep reading MAKE YOUR EYES LOOK BIGGER MAKEUP TIPS

OLIVIA WILDEcelebrity makeup

As a busy mother, she often resorts to eyelash extensions. Much less glamorous is his tip to fix eyeliner strokes. Olivia always has a cotton swab handy and what she does is wet it with saliva! He also uses the same face mist to prepare his skin before makeup and to fix it once he has finished it.

SHAY MITCHELLcelebrity makeup

The actress is very clear about what works on her face, although for others they seem crazy. She applies an illuminator on her chin and eyeshadow in a circle through the eye socket and the lower eyelid and without ceasing to apply it to the lacrimal area.

JENNA DEWANcelebrity makeup

The dancer confesses that she has learned many tricks from the makeup artists she has worked with all her life. One of them is to apply the concealer in the form of a triangle below the eyes and until almost reaching the corner of the lips. The other, basic but that we all forget, is to extend the base towards the neck, ears and even a little by the neckline so that it melts with our skin tone.

RIHANNAcelebrity makeup

The trick of Rihanna has enchanted us for its simplicity. She uses the sun powder as well as eyeshadow to mark well the basins. Then, apply a color only on the mobile eyelid. Another of its tips is to use its illuminator on shoulders and neckline so that your skin has that golden glow so flattering.

GWYNETH PALTROWcelebrity makeup

Rebuilt as a beauty and wellness guru, the actress has an infallible trick to keep her skin fresh and smooth all day long. Before applying makeup, apply a serum with a facial massage in which you stretch your skin with your fingers very gently, always going from the center backwards.


The trick of Rita Ora so that her lips seem juicier is very simple. First apply illuminator on the cupid’s bow, then outline them with a pencil somewhat lighter than the lipstick shade. For example, if you are going to paint them red, outline them with a fuchsia.

MIRANDA KERRcelebrity makeup

To further highlight her beautiful eyes, the Australian top uses the same rouge she uses on her cheeks in the eye socket.

DREW BARRYMOREcelebrity makeup

The actress also has her own makeup firm and is passionate about this world. Its trick corresponds to the order of application of the basic products. First, apply the base and concealer and above dabs with your moisturizer as an illuminator. Then apply a few loose powders with sunscreen. This is celebrity makeup and beauty trick of Drew Barrymore.

KENDALL JENNERcelebrity makeup

His daily makeup is quite light, but a trick he always uses is to apply a concealer as an illuminator on the nasal septum.

GIGI HADIDcelebrity makeup

We have loved Gigi’s trick because it is so simple that we do not understand how we had not fallen before. She uses the clear tone that comes in all eyeshadow palettes as an illuminator. The shadows often have iridescent pigments, so they are perfect for this function. This is celebrity makeup and beauty trick of Gigi Hadid.

BELLA HADIDcelebrity makeup

His sister, Bella, also has another good trick. When you apply the dark stick on your cheeks to contour them, make sure it is very well blurred. To do this, first, use a makeup sponge and then a kabuki type brush, which then passes through the central area of the jaw. It is the way to give more definition to your features.

ZENDAYAcelebrity makeup

Although she is very young, she has enough experience with makeup. That’s why he has the best tricks to define his eyebrows perfectly. First draw a very thin line down, then the top, making sure it has the correct shape in the arch. Then, fill them but in the area of the nasal septum try to do it with very light strokes, and from bottom to top, so that they are as natural as possible. This is celebrity makeup and beauty tips of Zendaya.

They have left their faces in the hands of the best makeup artists in the world, so the celebrities have learned a few tricks that are worth taking into account. Some will surprise you very much, in others you will surely recognize some gestures that you yourself make and even some of them are so simple that you will be angry that they have not thought of you (the same thing happened to us, quiet).



Rihanna. As simple as using the same bronzing powder that you use on your face to mark the eye socket well. Rihanna does it just before applying a shadow. This applies only to the mobile eyelid. Easier, impossible.

Rosie Huntington. The top is spent using a lot of brushes to make up and apply all your products directly with your fingers to get a more natural result and correct mistakes better. Also, always use a BB Cream and eyelash curler.

Olivia Wilde The actress always sprays her face with a mist or facial mist before applying makeup so that her skin is radiant and once it has finished to fix it.

Drew Barrymore. According to Drew, the order of the factors does alter the product. She applies first base and concealer and then a few touches of moisturizer as an illuminator. To finish, apply a loose powder with SPF to protect your face from the sun.

Gigi Hadid The trick of the model has made us crazy. She resorts to the lightest shade of eyeshadow from the palettes to use it as an illuminator. We love! This is Gigi Hadid celebrity makeup and beauty trick.

Miranda Kerr. She gives a double use to her blusher. In addition to applying it to his cheeks, he puts it in the eye socket to make it stand out more.