The evolution of James Bond.

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Since his introduction in to the big screen in 1962 one of the most enduring characters has been James Bond. Greatly removed from the the literal character created by Ian Fleming Film Bond has become synonymous with fast cars, gadgets, beautiful girls ( who he invariable sleeps with) and evil villains hell bent on world domination of some kind. Now that the films have made there way onto the small screen you still need a decent aerial to view them. A TV Aerial Installation Swansea based firm could be the answer that you are looking for. One Vision tv aerial installers in Swansea are some of the best. How has the character of Bond changed over the last 50 years?

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One thing that has never changed about Bond is the overall suaveness. He still wheres the excellent cut suits and still drives the nice cars (the Modern Bond even getting the Aston Martin DB5 back out of retirement). When we first meet Bond he is a humorous yet slightly cold killer. He is licensed to kill and he is quite happy to do so. Some of it is in self defence to be fair, but if he needs to, he does it. He also hates women, or at the least sees them as something he needs to use to get what he wants. Very few refuse him or if they do they soon give in to his charms and trickery.

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The later Bonds needed to recover the brand from the Roger Moore campness. Timothy Dalton’s reserved Bond achieves that and Pierce Brosnan is able to balance the menace, silliness and detachment perfectly. However, with the appearance of Jason Bourne Bond had to change and that was certainly the case with Daniel Craig. Who will be next?

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