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Indie Style Female – How To Use them

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When it comes to fashion, catwalks and editorials of major theme magazines often dictate new trends. And today, bloggers have also gained a key role in this. However, there is a style that goes against the big bets of clothes and compositions. The indie style is one of the most versatile. Despite having a more rock-oriented focus, because of the bands of this movement, it also has references to other styles. If you are curious to know what they are, check out the following text!

What is Indie Style?

The Indie Style has a very strong root: the Indie Movement. In fashion, it began to emerge from the ’90s. Already in music, it already won the radio in 1980, like a rock slope. But what does that word mean? It is, in fact, an abbreviated form of writing the word independent. Although similar to Portuguese, this term comes from the English language and means independent.

One of the best examples to understand the indie movement is films with this feature. Called independent productions, these films have a lower budget, since they are made by small companies. Also, for this reason, it has difficulty entering the commercial circuits. However, because they have themes that run out of the ordinary, they are often seen as productions with an intelligent footprint. This is why indie style is often related to nerds.

Overall, this style is quite comprehensive, since it relates more to the personality of those who bet on it. That is, by not paying attention to items that are high, indie people like items made personally or that are neglected.

With skirtsIndie Style

The skirts are quite versatile in the indie style. They can appear with a rock, cult, hippie and even romantic footprint. For this, you can not afford to invest in jeans, chess pieces, colorful and smooth.

With Dresses

Just like the skirts, the dresses can also be part of other styles, but the trick to make them indie are the accompaniments. For example, handbags, scarves, boots, glasses, and hats are great for composing the look.

With Pants JeansIndie Style

The jeans are one of the most versatile pieces that exist and therefore could not miss the indie style. Precisely because it matches any piece, it is incredible in many ways. For a more rock look, what about decorating a destroyed item with a pantyhose? Already if you want a cult look, you can wear it with a plaid shirt.

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With ShortsIndie Style

Every woman needs shorts and in the Indie style, they are indispensable. The combination t-shirt with shorts and sneakers is a favorite of the fans of this movement. But you can also invest in other combinations, such as monochrome looks, pantyhose, and boot or with kimonos, for example.

With overallsIndie Style

Overalls also deserve a topic of their own. Whether they are plain, printed or jeans, they look great when combined with hats, sneakers, boots and other accessories.

With KimonoIndie Style

We’ve talked about kimonos, but they deserve special attention. Mainly because of the prominence they give to composition. After all, a basic look gets a lot more emphasis with an amazing piece like the one below.

With T-shirtIndie Style

Currently, shirts with band prints are on the rise. But you can be sure that before that, the indies already wore pieces with this feature. As we’ve already said, the t-shirt is a key piece in this style and looks amazing with jeans shorts. But it can also be combined with pants, overalls, skirts and even dresses.

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With all these incredible references, you’ve certainly fallen in love with the indie style. And if you want to bet on it, remember that freedom is the keyword. So always focus on dressing up with items that make you comfortable and that match your personality, regardless of the latest catwalk bets and what others may think of your makeup.

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