Five T-shirt styles every man should have in his wardrobe

The T-shirt is a versatile staple which can be found in the wardrobe of every man, woman, and child. However, not all T-shirts were created equal; the well-dressed modern man needs a range of different T-shirt styles at his disposal. Let us walk you through the top five T-shirt styles every man should have in his wardrobe.

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The classic plain white T-shirt

The beauty of this item is in its simplicity. It can be worn all year round and paired with almost anything, from jeans to cargo shorts or even formal trousers. If you’re ever truly stuck for what to wear, then this is a perfect go-to choice; no man should be without the fail-safe plain white T-shirt. Although you can find a plain white T-shirt almost anywhere, it is worth looking for brands that prize quality of materials, such as those at EJ Menswear.

The bold printed T-shirt

This style truly allows you to express your personality with your choice of print; print T-shirts can be a great conversation starter. Perhaps you’d like to use your print to showcase your favourite band, artist, or movie? Alternately, just go for an attractive print with a splash of colour.

The Parisian striped T-shirt

Inject a little debonair French chic into your wardrobe with a stylish striped T-shirt. It’s a classic and rather sophisticated way of brightening up your outfit. Thicker lines create a bolder artistic look, whereas thinner lines exude a suave metropolitan style. For a range of options in this style, consider collections such as the mens Ralph Lauren T shirts. Whilst blue, black and red are the usual hues, the style experts at Vogue have a bold suggestion, they recommend a yellow and white striped T-shirt for a summery look.

The cosy long sleeved T-shirt

This style is ideal for cooler autumns and early winter when you aren’t quite ready for bulky winter knits. It has all the simplicity of a short T-shirt, with a little additional warmth. They come in a range of styles, so you can choose from plain, striped, or printed options as you prefer.

The hench Henley

This style of T-shirt features a subtle addition of buttons that look best with the top two undone for a smart-casual vibe. The tight fitting cut of this T-shirt is ideal for those with athletic physiques.