Celebrities with big noses

Celebrities with big noses

Celebrities are almost always seen as perfect characters, radiating beauty, success, and fortune. But this is not always the case. Some celebrities also have to deal with physical defects just like all other people. Here we present a list of celebrities with big noses.

The Celebrities with big noses

1 – Adrien BrodyCelebrities with big noses

Adrien Brody has maintained a successful career in the world of cinema. Probably his greatest satisfaction was with the remembered film “The Pianist” by Roman Polanski, in which he played Wladyslaw Szpilman, a Jewish pianist during World War II. Apparently, Brody has had no problem reconciling this success with his predominant nose.

2 – Lady GagaCelebrities with big noses

Lady Gaga is the most controversial symbol of pop music. Her costumes and eccentricities have placed her very quickly at the height of fame. However, his colorful outfits have managed to disguise his unattractive nose well. She is one of the celebrities with big noses.

3 – Laura PausiniCelebrities with big noses

Laura Pausini has a spectacular voice. Her musical career has led her to make several world tours and obtain a large number of recognition. His fans seem to care little about the singer’s nose.

4 – Rossy de PalmaCelebrities with big noses

Rossy de Palma is remembered for her roles in “Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown”, “Kika” or “The Flower of My Secret.” But this “Almodóvar girl” has managed to reap success based on her talent, leaving behind an important defect in his face.

5 – Sarah Jessica ParkerCelebrities with big noses

The remembered Carrie Bradshaw, for his role in the television series Sex and the City, maintains a successful career in Hollywood, in addition to being happily married to also actor Matthew Broderick. The size of your nose has not interfered with your success.

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6 – Owen WilsonCelebrities with big noses

Owen Wilson has made great interpretations generally in comic films. His fans prefer to remember him for movies like Zoolander or Night in the Museum and not because of the size of his nose.

7 – Luis FigoCelebrities with big noses

Luis Figo showed his talent in the most important teams in Europe. However, the rival defenses will not only remember him for his good game, but also for his predominant nose.

8 – Ben StillerCelebrities with big noses

Ben Stiller is one of the greatest comic actors in the world. His talent has been reflected in films like Zoolander or Algo Pasa con Mary. But his admirers not only recognize him for his talent, but also for the size of his nose.

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9 – Jennifer AnistonCelebrities with big noses

The remembered Rachel, from the television series Friends, is not successful in love. Recall that Brad Pitt, his ex poso, according to rumors, he was unfaithful with what is now his partner, Angelina Jolie. From there, no sentimental relationship that has begun has been very successful. However, we rule out the possibility that this is due to his “deviated septum” since we can not deny that Jennifer Aniston is a beautiful woman.

10 – Antonio Carmona

Antonio Carmona is one of the best representatives of Spanish flamenco. His success is mainly due to his talent since his “sex appeal” is minimized by his predominant nose.

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