wavy hair style

12 wavy hair style so you can get on the “wave” of summer

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In summer we like to transfer the freshest and most carefree spirit to our hair style and for this the wavy hair style is the best option.

Whether they are disheveled, soft or more sophisticated for summer parties, the wavy hair style have the ability to make a single hair win many points whether midi or XL. They provide movement, freshness and also help the hair look brighter.

Hailey Baldwin

wavy hair style

The bob bob Hailey gains strength thanks to subtle games waves which achieves more volume and movement. Seeing the result, have not you wanted to switch to midi hair?

Rebecca Ferguson

wavy hair style

The very marked wavy hair style, like those that are achieved with the curls, bring a lot of sensuality. Made from half to ends are perfect for the hair to look more voluminous.

Mia Wasikowska

wavy hair style

A more languid result is that of Mia who has opted for a mane with little volume and waves. An ideal hairstyle for faces that look longer.

Elisabeth Moss

wavy hair style

The protagonist of ‘The Tale of the Maid’ gets a more rocker roll with semi-cocked stripe and strands strategically tilted to soften their features.

In your case the waves are medium to sharp, very smooth and natural finish, something similar to what we achieve when we make a pair of bows and let go.

Olivia Palermo

wavy hair style

With this type of wavy hair style little marked and rotated the socialite manages to enhance the light of his caramel reflexes and relax a more sophisticated look.

Mila Kunis

wavy hair style

With fringe (hairpiece) and rigid waves Mila manages to give a turn to her long midimane. You dare?

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Penelope Cruz

wavy hair style

So chic manages to be Penelope thanks to a gentle waves (only at the tips) on a long maneged hair that helps frame the face. Of course Chanel’s white beret did the rest.

Amanda Seyfried

wavy hair style

Amanda is ideal with this mane worthy of any red carpet. Sided with a wet finish on the roots and waves from ends to ends that fall on one shoulder. A perfect option to accompany a tuxedo.

Natalie Dormer

wavy hair style

We knew that semi-pickeds would be present this season. The actress of ‘Game of Thrones’ bets for a collected full of waves, toupee and braided locks that are those that are collected.

Meghan Markle

wavy hair style

Recently we have seen Meghan with a more elongated wave type and made in fine strands achieving a more natural and casual wave as if it had been achieved by letting the hair dry in the open air.

Anabelle Wallis

wavy hair style

A slender and wavy hair style mornings like Anabelle always works if what you are looking for is a sophisticated touch even if you have bet on the legendary combo of jeans – white t-shirt. A mane like that already brings all the strength to the look and the contrast between a simple outfit and a more worked hair is great.

Sandra Bullock

wavy hair style

The long wavy hairstyle of the actress are ideal for when you want to give a touch to the mane without it being too strong or leaving the hair completely smooth. They have to be made by fine strands and break the wave a bit with your fingers.

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