5 tattoos for women on the wrist that you would like to have

tattoos for women on the wrist

The doll is one of the areas most chosen by women to get tattoos because these are very feminine among those most used are those of star, hearts symbols of Chinese writing, or the name of a child or the beloved. We must also bear in mind that they are the most delicate in the region of the body that is highly sensitive and the work must be very delicate so that it looks good. We share some tattoos for women on the wrist.

What we must first think about if this is our first tattoo is that the place or the professional who carries out the work uses the always disposable instruments and that they are places that comply with everything necessary so that everything goes well, because they do not forget that it is something that will accompany us always and more than anything it has to look good and we have to feel happy to wear it.

Best Tattoos for women on the wrist

1) Heart with pronounced black lines that intertwine some lines ending the tattooed Designtattoos for women on the wrist

If your favorite models are made with basic colors such as black and minimalist this is an excellent option because we see a small tattoo that can be seen very well on the skin of any woman and of all ages, the best thing is always to feel that it is part of you that drawing that is the one that you choose to capture it for all the life in your body.

2) Birds flying in the same direction, starting on a flight from the forearm to the wristtattoos for women on the wrist

The idea of ​​this splendid model is the simplicity of the drawing that shows that the bird goes in line towards the wrist with a very well done path and above all it is not something loaded but simple that makes the design of this tattoo look very feminine. Women seek to feel identified with what they choose and this says they are free that a bird in flight. It is one of the best tattoos for women on the wrist.

3) Flowers in pink with black borders with a nice phrase that accompany to look uniquetattoos for women on the wrist

This is a very nice example of what one can do, they are flowers with buds in pink and white with black edges that make a more neat ending, what stands out is that each one can add the phrases, name of a beloved person to accompany the drawing.

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4) The world in our skin is a more geographical design only for people with couragetattoos for women on the wrist

In this design you can see the geographical map that we can do more than anything for those who like these topics more related to this subject, this can be done in several stages because it is like a drawing with more details that take a little more time, to achieve good jobs we have to always take our time. It is one of the best tattoos for women on the wrist.

5) Three birds in black in flight and above them a beautiful phrasetattoos for women on the wrist

Birds are usually one of the reasons that are chosen among women because they represent peace and freedom, in this case, you can see a phrase that you can inspire and write your own or take the one you like best from your favorite author or of some song. The reality is that this decision is for life, so before we have to be super sure of what we want to perform on our skin.

Let’s not forget that one of the most painful places to do this type of art in this area, so take a value if that is what you want to do.

Whenever you make a decision as important as this to get tattoos has to be very thoughtful and as much as possible we talk to the family, and especially good advice on the place where they are going to perform is as important as the to choose what we are going to shape in the body.