15 Styles of shoes that are the perfect match for your broken jeans

Styles of shoes

The jeans are the most versatile garment with which a woman can tell. You can combine them for a casual look and even for an elegant one, yes, as long as you take into account the blouses and shoes. There are tricks that can make each of your outfits stand out from the other every time you use it and that is why we are here. Here are the styles of shoes that are the perfect match for your broken jeans.

This time we will tell you what kind of shoes you can wear to make your pants look different, especially those that have small rips that give you a sexy style. Are you ready? Here are 15 shoe styles that go well with your broken jeans.

Styles of shoes that are the perfect match for your broken jeans

1. Sandals with bangs will make attention focus on your legsStyles of shoes

2. If you want a rocky look, use leather bootsStyles of shoes

3. Animal print shoes will be your best alliesStyles of shoes

4. If you wear neutral colored garments, choose a different shoe toneStyles of shoes

5. The floor shoes will give you a carefree and comfortable lookStyles of shoes

6. The boho style does not always have to wear skirts or dresses, you can also wear hats, boots, and jeansStyles of shoes

7. If you want to have a balance between elegant and casual, use some booty sandalsStyles of shoes

8. Knee-high boots and torn pants are a winning comboStyles of shoes

9. If you want to look daring, the boots have to accompany your jeans. Add network stockings tooStyles of shoes

10. With some tennis, you will get the ideal outfit to go to schoolStyles of shoes

11. Loafers will give you a formal touchStyles of shoes

12. This style of sandals looks comfortableStyles of shoes

13. This outfit is perfect for autumnStyles of shoes

14. Stilettos will give the necessary glamor to your outfitStyles of shoes

15. The shoes with straps will make a contrast between the masculine of the pants and your feminine sideStyles of shoes