8 types of bangs for 4 face types

types of bangs

Those who have long joined the bangs club are in luck since it is the trend par excellence in what refers to haircuts. It already started last season, but this 2020 continues, and strongly. Today we share different types of bangs.

We know that cutting your bangs is a risky thing since not all faces are favored by the same cuts, but we hope this post will help you take the plunge.

It is important to know your face type, round, oval, elongated or triangular to find out what type of bangs is most suitable for you. There are different types: long, straight, open, grunge, the seventies, … and each of them favor a particular type of face.

Then we help you choose the best option for you and do not fall behind in this season’s trend.

The different types of bangs

Straight bangstypes of bangs

Bangs above the eyebrows and very bushy, hence it is recommended for those girls who have a lot of hair. It is perfect for both long and short hair, but it is in the oval faces where it favors the most, never in the round faces, since it shortens the face.

Curly hair bangstypes of bangs

The bangs are also suitable for girls who have curly hair but should be avoided too short since it will be more difficult to master on a day-to-day basis.

Open bangstypes of bangs

These bangs leave the face clear, revealing the eyes, thus visually refining the face. And therefore, the round and oval faces are perfect for this type of bang.

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Seventies bangstypes of bangs

It is an exaggerated, longer and bushy open bang. Very flattering for rounded faces, as it lengthens the features optically.

Side bangstypes of bangs

It greatly favors girls with round or square faces, as it lengthens the face. The thick, tilted and rounded bangs are ideal for triangular faces since they are usually thin faces and thus look much fuller.

Long bangstypes of bangs

If you want to start in the world of bangs, bet on this type, as it is one of the most discreet. It is perfect with both curly and straight hair, and very flattering especially for oval faces, but in general, all faces are suitable for this type of bangs.

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Grunge bangstypes of bangs

It is an uneven and casual bangs. It is perfect for straight or slightly wavy hair. For those square faces, it is perfect as it softens the features.

Transition bangs

For those who say goodbye to their bangs but have not disappeared completely, calm. Because the bangs halfway between a mane with him and without him is a tendency.