How to Make Tutu skirts for Girls Step by Step Easy and Fast

Tutu skirts

If you have a female daughter, there comes a time in life when she is a girl who always wants to dress up with a skirt or if she goes dancing classes they will ask for a tutu skirts to do the dance.

It is because of this situation, that I live with my daughters, that I want to help you so that you can learn how to make tutus for girls in an easy, fast way and above all that it is useful for you to then be able to use it again when you need it.

Of course, you have many options when you go shopping at a clothing store in colors and designs, but doing it with your hands even if you are not very good at crafts can be a nice activity to do with your princess.

There are different shapes and colors, but the one that is most used is the classical dancer that can be white, pink or violet, although the range of colors is very varied.

For example for the celebration of Halloween if you want to make the witch costume the tutu is black.

Also, many times a bow is made at the waist with a bow of satin fabric and tulle is used to make the tutu.

So that it is very volume and cover well 3 layers of tulle are used and on the top, it is made elasticized so that it fits at the waist.

How to make a tulle tutu skirts without sewingTutu skirts

You will learn with all these detailed steps on how to make a seamless tulle tutu skirts quickly and easily, without the need to use a needle and thread.

To summarize the steps to make the seamless tutu skirts are

  1. Buy Tulle fabric.
  2. Buy ribbon loop for loop (waistband).
  3. Cut the tulle fabric into different strips.
  4. Fold each of the strips in half.
  5. Add the first strip to the tape.
  6. Add the following folded fabric strips.
  7. Try your new tulle tutu.

1) First partTutu skirts

First, you have to get a piece of tulle which is generally transparent that is why my recommendation is that it be an important amount since you should make several layers to create the tutu skirts for your girl.

Sizes or Sizes for tutu:

  • Small Tutu: which is recommended for a girl is 1.7 to 3.7 meters of fabric.
  • Medium Tutu: you have to calculate between 4.4 to 6.6 meters of tulle.
  • Large tutu: what is used of tulle is 7 to 9 meters.

Already with this data you can have a much more specific idea of ​​the expense you will have when buying the piece of tulle and what you need, which you can spare but only scraps that can then be used for appliques.

2) Second part

In this part of the process of creating the tutu, you have to create what is called waistband that is definitely a piece of tape that has to belong so that it can cover your entire waist or that of the girl you want to miss.

For that, it is always advisable to have a ribbon with a width of 1.4 centimeters and that matches the color of the tulle you chose for the skirt.

To take the measure of the length you have to wrap the waist and of that length what you have to do is add another 60 centimeters and then cut with this the leftover will help you make a bun.

3) Third part

The piece of tulle you have must rest on a table and start cutting it into strips that are long, calculating 10 cm. Wide.

The number of tulle strips that you have to cut is about 12, which you will already realize so that your skirt is well padded and padded on each side so the strips are better wide.

But if you want it to be a tutu that does not have so much volume then it is always recommended that the strips of fabric are cut thin about 5 cm. Wide.

If you want the tutu skirts to be colorful you can use different tuls of colors and make a strip of one color different from the other.

For example, I made my daughter orange, pink, yellow, red and violet.

4) Fourth part

You have to start adding the strips that you cut from tulle to the ribbon that will go as a belt or adjust to the waist, so you have to fold each ribbon in half.

Then support it on that tape and you will have on the one hand

As a result, two types of ends on one side and one loop for the other.

To add your first strip, what you have to do is fold a strip and once the beginning part of the tape is in the middle.

The loop has to go through and pass the tape a few centimeters. 5 or 10 cm so that it protrudes from the upper part.

That is the moment you have to wrap both ends in the direction that is opposite to the loop or knot and then pull them around.

This has to be through the loop over the upper part of the tape.

So with all these steps if you follow them to the letter you will create a knot as if it were the knot of a scarf by fixing this strip well and repeating the process.

To continue you are the one that you have to fix how many additional strips you are going to add and therefore you will carry out the process by adding strips that are added to the tape that is the base of the skirt.

Always as advice, you have to adjust the knots very well so that they do not come out so much of the tape and so that you have space between the different strips so that more pieces can enter.

Once you have a number of strips attached you can slide them so that the tutu skirts are compact and smooth as you add more tulle.

5) Part Five (to finish)

While you follow the process of adding strips you will give more importance to the trick of leaving about 30 cm. approximately of tape that can be on one side or both sides to use as a bow for the skirt if you want to make a bow or decorated.

Once you finish with all the tulle strips you added, discounting the ends since you need them to make a knot, you can finish the whole process of making the tutu.

In the lower part of your back is where you have to make the bow once you try it on and give volume to your skirt, gently sponging the tulle strips.

Here I will leave you a video where they do it in a different way but without sewing which can also serve you in case you are not very clear step by step.

How to make a sewn tulle tutuTutu skirts

This is another way to make the tutu for your dancer, in this case, you will need a cloth and the following materials.

If it’s for one

  • A little girl about 2 to 3.5 meters.
  • Medium girl from 5 to 6 meters.
  • Large adult woman 7 to 10 meters.
  • Thread the color of the tulle or the fabric you use.
  • A sewing machine
  • Elastic for the waist.

Summary of steps to perform sewing tutu:

  1. Calculate meters of tulle
  2. Fold the tulle
  3. Prepare elastic by taking measurements
  4. Sew to have a waist measurement
  5. Pass it between the tulle and adjust it.

You can do the homemade tutu in two ways, on the one hand, sewing but it is not recommended as it will take a long time, so I recommend you get a sewing machine especially if you have to do another type of future Skirts or dresses for girls.

If you want to make a short tulle dress then you have to calculate that the width of the tulle should be about 1.3 to 1.4 meters.

On the other hand, if you want it to belong, you have to look for measures wider than the previous ones.

Once you have chosen the materials you are going to use, the second step is to fold the tulle.

You take the tulle and fold it over the widest part for example if you have a 1.5 m tulle when folding it will be 0.75 cm.

Once you have done what you have to do is fold the skirt again but always remember in half and using the same address.

With this, you will get four layers of tulle which will achieve greater volume in your skirt.

Now is the time to prepare the elastic and for that what you have to do is pass it around your waist to know the exact size before cutting.

Try to have it very firm but also not very tight since it will be the part that carries on putting on the tutu so if it is very tense it may be that you adjust and be annoying try not to have a space left but not to mark the skin.

Once you have it well measured and calculated with a scissor you cut it to be able to obtain the perfect length with the expected length.

It’s time to sew!

You have to start sewing so the recommendation is that you start doing it along the length of the entire tulle by using a straight stitch technique calculating approximately 5 centimeters and you go down where you have the part of the fold that would be the part higher.

Another way to calculate from where you have to sew is by eye considering a width that is larger than the elastic but not much just a little.

You have to go through the four layers of tulle that you folded and give it all along the edge of the tulle.

Now you have to add the elastic but for that, before I recommend that you use a small crochet hook where you can tighten the tulle that is possibly the same length and keeping the lining tight is the time to slide the elastic through the tulle.

To keep the ends out of the lining skirt, use two pins as this will help you keep the elastic firm.

This is the next step where you have to sew the elastic but for this, you have to take both ends of the elastic and pull.

This is done to then be able to sew by calculating one 7 mm from the edge part, keep in mind that it is always with a straight stitch.

Once you finish what you have to do is fold those ends you have and put them on the elastic waist to start sewing them.

But in this case, the stitch is no longer straight but they are zigzag stitches.

Finishing the tutu skirts!

If you reached this point of reading dear reader then you can be happy because we are finishing the tutu but for this what you need to do now is sew it on the back in its entire length.

You will realize since it is the part of the ends that the tulle is located.

To help you use pins very carefully and start sewing approximately 5 or 6 mm from the straight edge stitch depending on what you consider.

Watch out! A mistake that I see many times that is made when you sew that only the upper layer is crossed and that is wrong since what you have to do is make sure you sew the four layers of tulle fabric.

If you want to make your tutu skirts more original then you can paste flowers, bows, bows, glitter, and diamonds in each layer so that it has its personality and originality.

How to make a unicorn tutuTutu skirts

The unicorn tutu skirts as you can see in the photo can be of different colors.

You can use the technique explained above of sewn or seamless tutu although, due to the type of clothing design, as you will see, tuls are used in strokes of different shades of colors such as orange, yellow, green, light blue, violet, red.

It can be combined with a ponytail hairstyle and painted with a few colored crayons each strand of hair to give it the ” my little pony ” effect.

You can also add as an accessory to complete the costume a headband that has ears and wings to be a perfect unicorn princess.

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How to make a Minnie tutuTutu skirts

First I will explain step by step how you can make a nice Minnie tutu for your daughter or niece and that this famous Disney character can easily interpret it.

To make it easier you can use the tulle roll instead of tulle fabric since you don’t have to cut it.

  1. First, you have to have an elastic which you have to measure the waist of the girl about the one you want to make and cut as you need.
  2. Once you have the desired size you join it and sew it between the ends so that the waist diameter is left.
  3. Now you have to calculate the length of the tulle. This will be according to how much you want the girl to cover up to the knees or a little or so.
  4. Spread the tulle as you wish and then cut several strokes of pieces of strips like fabric. So that you can fill the entire waist width.
  5. Once you have all the strips you have to take the elastic and place it on a chair in the part of the headboard to be able to work on it tightly and add the tulle strips.
  6. This part is essential for you to be on the right side, to start folding a strip of tulle. And tucked behind the elastic folded down.
  7. While you are between the elastic you have to stretch the tulle so that it is as stretched as possible. And the knot that forms between the elastic and the tulle is as tight as you can.
  8. Repeat the process as you go along the entire width of the waist.
  9. To make the white circles that the Minnie dress has as an accessory. You can make them from felt, taking as a base a circle that is approximately 3 centimeters in diameter and then the glue with fabric glue.

Tutu skirts images for girls

Here I will leave you different ideas that you can use for a school dance show. As well as to dress up as a princess for Halloween or so that she can play with her friends on a birthday.

Pink tutu skirts with pink bows are very beautiful where you can add bright or pearl appliques. And contrast a black ribbon is very beautiful.

This type of skirt can be very effective when you use t-shirts and black pants. Or dark range as it highlights the red tutu if you add glitter or glued glue.

The color violet or lilac can be an option for the lack of disguise of a princess since many Disney characters use it as the Little Princess Sofia, where the bows and ribbons can be a lighter or darker range depending on the color you apply.

Tutu skirts with black tulle can be a good option for the celebration of Halloween where dark prevails. And you can use gray silk ribbons that are very beautiful. With the same tulle, you can add a tulle flower to use as a headband.

Combining colors for the skirt is essential to give a different touch can be multicolored as the idea of ​​the unicorn costume or it can be with the same tone in different ranges such as pink and black violet.

Other examples of skirts for girls that you can see the details that are added such as ribbons at the ends both at the bottom and top as well as bowling.