5 easy evening hairstyles

5 easy evening hairstyles

On the red carpet, the hairstyles of the stars often make us dream, especially when we try to impress the guests on a particular occasion. Rest assured, even without an army of hairdressers available it is quite possible to achieve alone a pretty hairstyle that puts the full view! Here are the best 5 easy evening hairstyles.

1.The chic chignon5 easy evening hairstyles

No question of twisting your neck for hours if it’s to look like a page from a 90s wedding catalog! For a nice, modern, trendy bun, start by brushing your hair straight from the root to the ends before attaching them in a ponytail at the top of the skull. Make sure to tighten the elastic and then crepe with a fine comb. Each wick is then attached around the elastic band using chignon tongs to form a “ball”. A pair of pretty earrings and you’re ready! It is one of the best easy evening hairstyles.

2. The Hollywood curls5 easy evening hairstyles

To style your hair up to the stairs, start by shaping your hair with pretty curls. If they are wavy, just accentuate the “spring” effect by drying them with a diffuser tip like the Dyson Supersonic and taking care to moisturize them to avoid the effect ” frizz “. If your hair is smooth, the best will be to loop them still wet by providing you with a round brush on which you wrap each wick before drying them one by one with the concentrator nozzle of the hairdryer before fixing everything with a “pschitt” of lacquer.

3. The headband or hair jewelry5 easy evening hairstyles

To make a hairstyle a little “wow” there are a lot of accessories. But the easiest to use on long hair, short or medium length remains the headband. For the occasion choose the jewelry version with rhinestones, gilding or even pearls! Adjust the front pile at the top of the forehead, while the elastic will come down just above the neck. It is one of the best easy evening hairstyles.

Then enter the lengths by rolling your strands inside the headband while leaving a few loops framing your face. For better results, make sure that your hair is flexible by drying your hair upside down with the diffuser tip like that of the Dyson Supersonic and then exceed fine strands of your hair. Romantic effect guaranteed!

4. The Braid mistress5 easy evening hairstyles

For a braid that throws, it is worn in “maxi” version on long hair even add extensions. We are good on the length? Now you will need some material! For a maximum of volume, we use the concentrator end as thin as possible of his hairdryer. And we just take off the roots one by one before drying the tips … upside down! Then bring your hair to the side of your choice and braid your hair “french braid” from the base of the skull on the opposite side to frame the face. Tie at the tip and then lightly crumple your mat with the fingertips to give it this “maxi” effect. It is one of the best easy evening hairstyles.


5. The ponytail preppy5 easy evening hairstyles

Do you have medium length hair? Here’s how to give pep’s to your ponytail: Loop your hair as seen previously with a round brush and the concentrator tip of the Dyson Supersonic, then brush your hair at the root before putting your curls back in one pretty tail on the top of the skull. Tie them with a thin elastic that you will come to double with a nice ribbon to tie. It is one of the best easy evening hairstyles.