10 Incredible types of dresses

types of dresses

When we choose a dress we always seek to highlight the attributes of our figure and feel beautiful. But this decision is usually not simple, nor do we have the knowledge we need to know which are the models of dresses that suit us best. So here we tell you what types of dresses there are as figure favors more, so that special occasion look perfect, either with a night dress, a cocktail dress, or perhaps just wear a fashionable dress for any occasion.

The 10 Incredible types of dresses

10. Body-hugging dressestypes of dresses

Regardless of whether you have a slender, voluptuous body, with curves or more straight. The types of dresses fitted to the body can be an excellent option for you. You just have to know how to use them and thus feel comfortable without embarrassing yourself. To do this, you should look for the dress of your size: never believe that the tighter, it will look better. Walk with him to find out if you feel comfortable. Practice how to sit without losing class or reveal the unwanted. Check what is the right underwear you should wear with the dress.

9. Dresses with V-necklinetypes of dresses

The dress model with V-neck has always been a classic design for those who want to stand out and show off our bust. Besides being the best option for people of large sizes, it helps to thin the round face, also a recommendation for this dress model is to choose dark colors to slim the figure.

8. Mini dressestypes of dresses

It can be one of the best options in models of dresses for women of great stature especially if they choose dresses type blouse as they will add volume to the hips and create a more proportionate shape if you are very thin. Also, if you want to look a little more formal or professional with them. You can simply wear pantyhose and you will renew your appearance in a practical and simple way. It is one of the best types of dresses for models.

7. Long dressestypes of dresses

They are the perfect option for women of medium to high stature, as well as being preferred for night parties. This model of long dress helps to highlight or hide some parts of our body that we dislike, such as excess abdominal fat or our legs. For being one of the most popular types of dresses, there is a wide variety of designs, colors, and patterns that suit all tastes and suit our bodies.

6. Short dressestypes of dresses

These models of dresses are indicated for women who are short stature. The key is that they must have a skirt that falls above the knee, to create the optical illusion of having longer legs. They are also a good dress model to add shape and femininity to a silhouette with few curves especially if we use a belt at waist level. And finally, if you are going to wear a short dress, you should choose very well what kind of shoes, shoes or heels you are going to use since they will have a lot of visibility.

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5. Two-tone dressestypes of dresses

If you have a wide waist you can try to test the dress models in two shades. This is an ideal alternative because they add shape and create the illusion of having a more defined waist, managing to compensate your silhouette with the play of colors. If you use a dark tone and a light one this helps to hide and highlight either your hips or chest. Remember that the colors must match and be in line with the event or context in which you will wear this type of dress.

4. Strapless dressestypes of dresses

They are the models of dresses that many women prefer but not all favor. In case you are a woman with little bust, the heart-shaped strapless will help you compensate. And increase the feeling of projection of the bust. With the type of strapless dress, you should be comfortable. So you should choose the size well so that it is not falling and you should pick it up constantly. In this case, it is key to choose the right underwear and combine with a spectacular necklace.

3. Dresses with Belttypes of dresses

If you have few curves or a rectangular body, the models of dresses that favor you most are those that have a belt. This way you will accentuate your waist, but if you are not interested in accepting this part, the A-cut dresses are perfect for you. In addition, you can play with different types of belts depending on the pattern or design of the type of dress that you have stored in your closet, giving a twist to a dress that you did not wear, without spending a lot and looking spectacular.

2. Dresses with only one shouldertypes of dresses

If you enter the list of women with wide backs there is nothing better for you than the models of dresses with one shoulder, as they help to visually reduce the width of the back and make you look much thinner. It is a fresh style but it is still elegant and sensual. Again it is important to emphasize that the type of underwear is important. As much of your chest will be exposed, you can compensate with some accessories. And is an ideal time to show off your beautiful tan.

1. Loose Dresses

They are perfect for almost all body types but not for all types of height. It is recommended that these models of dresses are worn by women of medium to high stature. They also help to conceal wide hips, few curves and are perfect for pregnant women. It is usually the type of dress preferred in hot weather, plus they are ideal designs to wear with a floral print and strong colors that make you be the center of attention.

Now you can choose the best dress that goes with your style and with which you feel more comfortable. It reflects safety and you will be the sensation in any event as long as you comply with these recommendations.