Bridal hairstyles: the most chic harvests for your wedding day!

Bridal hairstyles: the most chic harvests for your wedding day!

Are you about to get married and are you looking for ideas for a hairstyle that leaves everyone breathless? The crops are undoubtedly among the most suitable and chic choices for the big day. Romantic and bon ton, chignon and companions, in fact, give a sophisticated. And ethereal air, leaving the shoulders uncovered for a touch of sensuality that never hurts. Here are some bridal hairstyles which are the chicest harvests for your wedding day!

Perfect and impeccable or more messy style for a more bohemian look. And the country taste, the crops perfectly enhance faces and decollete. As well as being rather practical, especially if you have chosen a summer date for your most beautiful day. But which type of harvest should you choose? We help you!

Soft gathered bridal hairstylesBridal hairstyles: the most chic harvests for your wedding day!

Imagine a beautiful backless dress on the shoulders. Or that leaves the back uncovered almost to the bottom. There are those who prefer to leave the neckline in a see-through effect. With loose or semi-gathered hair to crown it. There are those who decide to enhance the dress, even the most crowded, gathering up all the hair.

Among the most appreciated and also the most versatile crops, the soft one is the host. This is because it has several advantages: the first, more technical than aesthetic. Is that it does not force the head into hairstyles that tighten or pull the hair excessively. Question not to be underestimated when thinking about the duration of a marriage. Secondly, the soft harvest has a truly magical effectand refined.

This type of harvest enhances any make-up, and also offers excellent support for light clasps. But above all is the perfect hairstyle for the veil or veils. And thirdly, it represents a real macro category of crops: we can achieve it centered, low, high. But also lateral or with braid. In short, the soft harvest is probably the answer to all your questions regarding bridal hairstyles.

A lot also depends on the type of hair you have: if we talk about a long bob or a medium bob, the soft crop to be preferred low and a little bohemian. This is because the length of the hair greatly influences the success of the bridal hairstyle. If you have long, straight hair, you can opt for a soft but artistic harvest. Also quite structured depending on your style. You can also lightly maneuver the hairstyle with braids or with a few waves.

f you have wavy or curly hair, instead, the soft harvest will seem made for you: volume. And the movement for any type of collected hairstyle you will choose. Don’t forget to enhance the movement with points of light. Or bridal accessories full of brightness, to give that natural movement a truly chic touch! Browse the gallery to get an idea!

The high harvest for classy bridesBridal hairstyles: the most chic harvests for your wedding day!

The high harvest represents a real class choice. Elegant, imposing, this type of harvest can mainly be made in two versions: the high crop with a chignon. And the high crop with a more complex hairstyle. We should not imagine it as monotonous or always the same, in fact, just think that we have lots of types of chignon: the classic, the heart one, the disheveled chignon to the French.

But also that composed of a braid that starts from the hairline (from the forehead or from the neck). And then twists into a chignon. Equally the high crop with a particular hairstyle is always different from the others: we can make it sideways, like a banana, a fluffy semi-crest. But also a set of small braids that intersect in a romantic way!

The success of the bridal hairstyle also depends on the type of hair you have: if you have curly or very wavy hair, you could enhance it with a tall, disheveled or very vaporous crop. If you have straight hair, the very high chignon would be perfect! It is one of the best bridal hairstyles.


Wedding hairstyles for long or curly hairBridal hairstyles: the most chic harvests for your wedding day!

If you have long hair, the harvest will not be a problem for you. Even if it leaves all the shoulders uncovered and, in some cases, it seems that the hair is short. To achieve a good harvest you need sufficiently long hair. This is because, in reality, the crop hides the complexity of weaves or quite high “tails”.

In short, we never talk about a simple braid. But perhaps 3 braids that cross each other to form wonderful designs. The long hair or very long certainly allow us to play more with the potential effects of this hairstyle. Here too there is a thought: if your hair is so long, remember that it will have a high weight. And this could affect not only the tightness of the hair but above all your resistance. It is one of the best bridal hairstyles.

Evaluate well then which of the various crops can do the most for you. Surely a low harvest can be a good solution, because it allows you to keep your hair softer and freer, despite the weight due to the length. If you have wavy or curly hair instead, the harvest will be a walk for you, unless you want a very rigid and structured hairstyle. Which then provides, in your case, first a hard struggle to smooth the hedgehog.

Low, high, whatever crop you choose, curly hair has the ability to give the hairstyle a romantic, dreamy tone but also wanting country chic. Attention also in this case to the weight of the hairstyle.

Hair gathered with veil for a traditional brideBridal hairstyles: the most chic harvests for your wedding day!

The harvest is an excellent base on which to place the veil. This is because it arranges the hair in such a way as not to push under the veil and create too much disorder. Excellent for fixing the veil is the low harvests or crown crops, or those very elegant crops that create real crowns around the head. It is one of the best bridal hairstyles.

A little more complicated is the management of the veil if we want a crop as tall as a bun, this because we will have to find a veil taking into account the hairstyle first. If you do not prefer the veil, the harvest also fits perfectly with flower crowns, tiaras, but also important clasps, from the smallest to be inserted inside the hairstyle to the larger ones to be placed sideways, such as those with veils.

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