How to wear a navy blue dress, the new black in our wardrobe

navy blue dress

Navy blue is the new black. A perfect substitute and an alternative as successful as black. Finally, we are facing a wild card to include in our closet and hit with looks day and night. Today we share some tips to wear a navy blue dress with style.

If black dresses are a key piece of our dressing room, navy blue can become one of our best allies. How to combine a navy dress? We give you some style keys so that you always get it right and you can wear it perfectly.

How to wear a navy blue dress with white shoesnavy blue dress

The black & white combination never fails and the same goes for navy blue and white. It is your best ally, both in garments and accessories, as they bring a touch of light to the dark and sober outfit. So a white blazer or ankle boots and a blank bag are guaranteed success.

Precisely a long navy or midi dress with white ankle boots or a short dress with high-top boots in the same tone are the best companions when it comes to combining a navy blue dress. Surely a perfect look for autumn-winter.

How to wear a navy dress with animal printnavy blue dress

One of the trends that are still present is animal print, especially the leopard print. A striking print that combines perfectly with a classic navy blue dress, thus providing a more daring touch and subtracting seriousness to the outfit.

How to wear a navy blue dress with a zulnavy blue dress

Betting on a navy blue dress with other blue tones or even in the navy itself is another of the most ideal combinations possible.

The sky blue + navy blue is a fabulous contrast that brings a flirtatious and childish touch, subtracting seriousness and sobriety from street-style. Breaking the minimalism of the navy blue with a blazer or with the accessories is a success.

At the blue total look in marine, it is advisable to provide metallic brush strokes or a mixture of materials so that it is not so boring.

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How to wear a navy and black dressnavy blue dress

Navy blue and black are possible. It has always been commented, an unwritten rule, that these two basic colors together were two impossible tones. Well, it’s time to skip the rules because both tones, despite being dark, work.

A navy blue dress combines perfectly with a black coat since it is advisable to use them in layers, and with black accessories. In both options, they bring harmony and elegance to the styling to wear with office looks and also at night or party.

A plain navy blue dress with black shoes is an excellent choice to complement your outfit. The perfect formal look.

If you are one of those who wear black stockings in winter, you can also combine them with a navy blue dress. The result is positive and discreet.

How to wear a navy dress for a party looknavy blue dress

The red carpet is also dressed in navy blue. More and more this color is seen in evening dresses and also as a guest, a perfect alternative to black. How to wear a navy party dress? In addition to the black we have already mentioned, the nude and metallic classic is suitable for these special occasions, both in gold and silver. If you want to add a touch of color, the shoes in fuchsia or red are ideal.