The most fashionable hair colors this spring-summer 2019

The most fashionable hair colors this spring-summer 2019

Do you want to change your look? We discovered the hair colors that will sweep this spring-summer 2019 and the keys to choose the one that favors you the most.

The changes of season suppose, for many women, a small push to change the look and renew the hair color. Even more when it comes to the arrival of spring and the closeness of summer, with its warm temperatures and longer and sunny days, invites you to choose more risky and carefree styles than at other times of the year. Here are some most fashionable hair colors this spring-summer 2019.

If you are one of those who is thinking of giving color to your mane this season, do not hesitate and take a chance. At MujerdeElite we review the main trends in color for this spring-summer and the best tips that stylists offer us to choose the tone that best suits you and the technique that best suits you:

Caramel OmbreThe most fashionable hair colors this spring-summer 2019

The Caramel Ombre coloration is a mixture of dark brown and light brown tones, perfect to bring warmth to the skin with very natural coloration. It is an ideal choice if you have the dark base and do not dare with the blonde or, simply, you have already tried it, but it does not convince you.

“The caramel and beige tones applied by the balayage technique bring light and movement to the manes. Maintaining the natural tone of the hair in roots is ideal for those who only want a natural touch, “says the colorist Javier Vila.

One of the main advantages of this trend is that it is not necessary to touch up as often as if it were a complete dye, so it is not necessary to go to the salon every month to touch up the color since the contrast with the root is less. It is one of the best fashionable hair colors.

Living CoralThe most fashionable hair colors this spring-summer 2019

It is the star color of 2019 according to Pantone, it is the coolest evolution of the Honey Rose that both swept last summer and the blorange that was so fashionable in the summer of 2017. A peach color that with its reflections illuminates the entire face, Especially if it looks with a golden undertone. It’s a more sophisticated version than the soft pink hair we saw last year. That golden touch enhances the blue and green eyes, while the browns look warmer. In addition, it softens all skin tones.

You should know that this color works best with neutral or warm skin tones but can be adapted by adding more pink to cool it or more orange to give it that warmer touch. Without a doubt, it is a hair color that works daily, is delicate, easy to combine and brings personality. It is one of the best fashionable hair colors.

Chocolate BrownThe most fashionable hair colors this spring-summer 2019

Emilia Clarke and Charlize Theron at the 2019 Oscars are the best proof that the morays will be a trend this 2019. After many years of blond reign, the Chocolate Brown tone is presented as the coolest option of the season for all those who do not want to stop being brunette.

It is a color that brings elegance and personality and can be adapted to the style of each woman adding more golden or clear reflections to add volume, body, and movement. It is one of the best fashionable hair colors.

Creamy BlondeThe most fashionable hair colors this spring-summer 2019

The blond of 2019 looks less yellow and more cream, it is a variation of the platinum that swept so much last year. If you’re dark, this is your perfect blonde. Before changing color, hair stylist Lorena Martinez recommends a balayage wicks in cream tones to begin covering the hair leaving the roots darker. In this way, the transition from dark to light hair will be more harmonious. It is one of the best fashionable hair colors.


Wicks in cold tonesThe most fashionable hair colors this spring-summer 2019

This is an ideal trend to change the look and become blonde without having to dye all the hair. The wicks will continue to be present during the next months, especially those in cool tones. It is one of the best fashionable hair colors.

“They continue in a tendency for this spring-summer the blonde manes in cold tones. A blend of balayage – a gradient technique that imitates the effect of disastrous sun-lightening – and baby lights – to bring light to the root and the contour of the face – will give you the touch of luminosity and freshness you were looking for, ” recommends the colorist Javier Vila.

Platinum and gray tones

If you love the idea of ​​cool tones, but prefer dye instead of wicks, do not hesitate for a moment! The polar and gray platinum tones, as we have already mentioned, were a trend last year, but this spring they return with strength. Also, if your complexion is white you should know that these tones are perfect for you.

To get to this color in darker bases, it is necessary to bleach. It is a process that can damage your hair, so it is important to put yourself in the hands of a good professional who takes care of the health of your hair and prevents your hair from becoming dry and dull.

Inky Black

Finally, we have the black ink, the color par excellence of the iconic Cher. It is more black than ever. Jet black. The adaptation of this new black hair becomes richer and deeper than ever with bluish touches, a trick that makes black hair emit a natural reflective shine, like glass. It is one of the best fashionable hair colors.