10 Tips For A Perfect Bridal Makeup

10 Tips For A Perfect Bridal Makeup

If you are about to get married, we recommend that you keep these points in mind so that your bridal make-up is neither more nor less than it should be. If you follow our advice you will be more than radiant the day of your wedding; because we all want to be precious. You will remember your wedding all your life! Here are 10 tips for a perfect bridal makeup

1- Makeup test10 Tips For A Perfect Bridal Makeup

Even if you resort to an expert in the subject to make up your wedding day, do not forget to do a makeup test a few days before, to make sure you like the result and that everything goes as you want. Many times make-up artists do it according to their tastes, and it may not suit all of you. You have to supervise, remember: it’s your wedding! It is one of the best tips for bridal makeup.

2- Time of day

Keep in mind the time of day when the wedding will be. For weddings, at night a darker and marked makeup is better so that it can be seen despite the darkness of the day. While during the day clearer and simpler makeup is better. Even so, keep an eye, do not pass or stay short.

3- Retro or pin-up makeup10 Tips For A Perfect Bridal Makeup

If you are not a conventional bride you can always opt for a retro or pin-up makeup, with colorful eyeshadow and eye-catching lips. But make sure it’s your style. It is one of the best tips for bridal makeup.  You will see the photos for many years! Also, this makeup in particular, quite colorful, I do not recommend doing it yourself, unless you are an expert. You have to do it very well so you do not look like a door.

4- Do not exaggerate

A simple makeup does not mean that you do not look like you are wearing anything, and a marked one does not mean that you go like a door. Do not exaggerate in any of the senses. Both makeups can be precious if you know how to do it. Consult your stylist. It is one of the best tips for bridal makeup.

5- Waterproof makeup10 Tips For A Perfect Bridal Makeup

Do not forget to use waterproof makeup. Brides often mourn the day of their wedding, and nothing happens, but none of us would like to enter the altar with the lashes of mascara. Use a waterproof eyeliner and mask. You can also look for some long lasting lipstick to last the whole evening.

6- Skin Tone

Make sure the makeup base fits your skin tone. It is not the first time that a bride wears a mask. The function of the makeup base is to unify your skin tone and hide the imperfections. It should fit your tone and there should be no difference between the face and the neck. Do not choose it too clearly because even if you see it normal, the photos will reveal a ghost! Do not forget to spread the makeup as much as possible, fuse it with your skin towards the neck and the neckline. And do not cut yourself to cover the granites of other areas too: neck, neckline, back … etc.

7- Elegant

A wedding is usually something very elegant. I would recommend rouge in earth tones and nude lips or light tones. This is a matter of taste, but if your dress is white or beige, a chaotic makeup will not be at the level of elegance that the dress brings. It is one of the best tips for bridal makeup.


8- Stresses

I would recommend choosing something from your face that you like a lot. The most normal is usually the eyes or the mouth. And focus on highlighting that area. For the eyes, if you have them very large, you can choose a black eyeliner and good false eyelashes (the eyelashes I do not recommend if you have very low eyebrows). And for the lips, a pencil gives you a nice lipstick. You can choose something mate or put a little gloss to make them juicier.

9- Nuances

Something very useful is nuances. Use them! It will fix all the makeup so that it lasts longer and will reduce the undesirable shine. It is one of the best tips for bridal makeup.

10- The eyebrows frame the entire face10 Tips For A Perfect Bridal Makeup

Do not forget to depilate them well, according to your face shape or as you like. If you go to an expert, see that you do not remove many hairs from the top, but do it from the bottom to enlarge your eyes. It will leave you more space for dazzling eye makeup. If you also do not have very thick, we recommend you delineate them and fill them with shadows or eyebrow pencils. They come in all colors. Then apply eyebrow gel so that the hairs do not move and the makeup does not go away.

We hope these tips are useful to you. Do not forget that each face is a world. We all have different shapes and colors and not everything can fit well with you. Do not forget to perform the necessary tests until you find what you like, and do not accept the first thing you try just for “not being heavy” or “not bothering”. It’s your wedding day, it bothers everything you need, and more!