Light makeup: 5 tips for a natural and effective make-up!

Light makeup: 5 tips for a natural and effective make-up!

A light and delicate make-up is always an excellent ally of our beauty. Perfect for all occasions, even the most elegant and formal ones. The delicate make-up is able to enhance every type of face. And give it harmony and brightness in a natural way. And without weighing it down in any way. In fact, is designed to measure, it can best emphasize our strengths. Making us naturally more beautiful and bright, all without making us fall into the unattractive mask effect. Not only that, but light makeup is also one of the most effective beauty remedies for looking younger. That’s right: contrary to what one might think, don’t abuse eye shadows. Foundations, and lipsticks. But dose them wisely according to your personal taste, helping us to show off a more youthful and fresh look. Here are five valuable tips to make a light make-up that is able to enhance our features naturally and give us brightness!

The main secret to achieving a noteworthy light make-up is undoubtedly working on the base. And make it as delicate as possible, to suggest a light. And the luminous effect that can give us an impeccable and radiant look of water and soap. Do not let yourself be influenced by some imperfection. And by the obsession to cover it, rather concentrate on lightness and brightness and bet everything on your merits, but always with sweetness and a delicate touch. And the result will be impeccable!

Below, we suggest you 5 tips to create a perfect light makeup to show off when you want, to see you naturally beautiful and full of light!

1. The foundation, the real protagonist of a light make-upLight makeup: 5 tips for a natural and effective make-up!

As already mentioned, the base is the fulcrum of a light. And delicate make-up successfully made and, as such, deserves the right attention. This is why it becomes essential to carefully choose the foundation, the true protagonist of our make-up. There are two rules to follow in these cases to obtain an impeccable light make-up:

-the right consistency, not too thick so as not to create thickness. But to suggest transparency and lightness

-Choose a color that is as close as possible to the natural one

In essence, the trick is to opt for a foundation that is there but not seen. In this regard, the ideal is a fluid foundation that guarantees natural coverage. But is light at the same time, able to even out the complexion. Thus covering discontinuities and imperfections of the skin. Without weighing it down or suggesting an unsightly mask effect.

A foundation is offered in nine shades (see below three) and is suitable for all skin types . It will therefore be enough to choose the most suitable color for us and spread it correctly to show off a textbook trick. Besides, in fact, taking care to choose the shade closest to that of our skin is equally importantapply it evenly and avoid creating unsightly discoloration between the neck and face . In this way, we will give our skin a delicate coverage, hydration and brightness – three fundamental aspects for a flawless and natural beauty look !

2. Create points of lightLight makeup: 5 tips for a natural and effective make-up!

Starting with a good foundation and choosing the right foundation is already almost 70% of the work when you want to show off a light and delicate makeup. But for an even more effective effect, rely on an illuminating concealer to suggest a few touches of light here and there , able to soften the face and suggest greater harmony. Just apply it gently in the right places : under the eyebrow arch, in the inner corner of the eye, above the cheekbones. And on the Cupid’s arch (the small groove between lips and nose).


3. For an impeccable light make-up, focus on a naked eye make-up!Light makeup: 5 tips for a natural and effective make-up!

If you want to make a light make-up , you should focus on the most natural eye make-up possible . The options are different: you can not put on all the eyeshadow. And maybe use a little foundation on the eyelid, or opt for the light shades of eyeshadow, like the various shades of nude – from beige to pink – up to colors slightly more decisive, but still natural, of a dove and a delicate brown .

If there is a certain amount of freedom on the eyeshadow, what is essential is mascara , even more so on a light. And delicate make-up like the one we want to make. The mascarain fact it helps define the look and make it more intense and deep. Don’t be afraid to exaggerate: in this case, to get a flawless effect, you have to apply two or three coats and, if possible, choose an elongation . You can also use a thin line eyeliner , without quotation mark. Which is a bit too artificial for the result we want to achieve. Or a black pencil, better if only on the upper part.

To emphasize the look, rather than trampling too much on eyeshadows. And pencils, tip on the eyebrows : fill them, if necessary, using a pencil of your exact color; of the eyebrows thick and natural looking, they give character and intensify the look.

4. Play with a little color on the lipsLight makeup: 5 tips for a natural and effective make-up!

You also have different options for the lips . You can choose to keep the nude effect with a simple cocoa butter or a brighter transparent gloss , or opt for nude lipsticks , from the thousand shades of pink to beige, to the more decisive shades of taupe or light brown, better if with a matte finish . It is one of the best tips for light makeup.

If you really don’t want to give up color, focus on a touch of red , always appreciated; on the other hand, it avoids strong colors like purple , browns and tones of rouge noir and burgundy, which are decidedly excessive and not very compatible with light makeup. Then throw yourself on classic red, Coral shades or orange or shades of fuchsia and cherry. Pick a little color from the tip of the lipstick and tap it on the lips, so as to revive them in a natural way

5. And then, a touch of blush!Light makeup: 5 tips for a natural and effective make-up!

To finish off your light make-up, give yourself a final touch of the blush of the color that bestows on your skin: from rosy nuances, to peach ones, up to golden or nude beige. Insured bonne mine effect !

After choosing the perfect color for you, take care to apply it with a delicate touch on the cheeks, without exaggerating and gently tapping two or three times, and your light makeup will be so ready to conquer everyone! It is one of the best tips for light makeup.

Below you can see some examples of delicate make-up from which to take inspiration to make a light make-up tailored for you !