Bag styles to wear this year

When it comes to creating stylish looks, accessories especially bags are that one thing that could make or break an outfit. A correctly chosen purse can elevate any of your ensembles and make you the star of the show no matter where you’re going. If you already own the classic backpack, baguette, and little black box bag and you’re looking to add something new to your collection for 2023, this article is for you! We’ve made a list of the trendiest bag styles that you should definitely consider wearing this year.

Boho clutch

Bogo-inspired clutches are the perfect example that the fashion industry is cyclic and that once every ten years we certainly return to the trends that we’ve already seen. Great for summer and especially beach parties, these small hand-held bags could be seen literally everywhere in 2012-2013 and this year they’re having a comeback. If you plan on wearing a colorful outfit and you’d like to keep your accessories neutral, a beige or white clutch bag made of straw or jute will perfectly complement your look. However, if you know that wearing colorful clothing is not really your style and you’d like to keep your outfits subtle but still eye-catching, a clutch embellished with decorative jewels is sure to make you feel more confident.

Leather tote bag

Practical and versatile, tote bags are perfect in their simplicity and minimalism. For many people, they are not only a durable accessory, but also a wonderful way to show off their sense of fashion. During the last decade, they also became associated with eco-consciousness as cotton tote bags were often used as an alternative to the plastic bags for example when going grocery shopping. This year, however, consider getting a leather tote bag instead of a classic canva one. The classic design is sure to be popular after many years while the sturdy leather will get worn out with time and become even more chic. Irish leather bags will definitely be at high demand since they are built to last and feature Celtic motifs that add a touch of tradition. Your perfect handmade Irish leather tote bag is waiting for you on so hop on and grab it!

Furry bags

Despite being presented on the runways for the Autumn/Winter 2022-2023 fashion season, the popularization of furry bags started long ago thanks to Gen Z and their TikTok trends from 2020. Although indeed not as practical as the classic bags that you already own, these purses will feel like carrying a big teddy bear with you all the time. For summer, neon orange, red, and yellow fuzzy bags are sure to become your go-to accessories while neutral colors are more fitting for when the temperature drops. These accessories perfectly fit the aesthetic of your fall and winter outfits and look especially good when combined with leather, tweed, and tartan textures. A classic tote leather bag with faux fur elements on the sides will look much more interesting and winter-like than a basic purse. Wear it with a thin black turtleneck, leather pants, your favorite pair of combat boots, and puffer jacket for a comfortable yet stylish look for the colder months of the year.