Types of lips and how to apply makeup

Types of lips
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The lips are one of the most sensual parts of the body since they have their own language that is in our hands to enhance or not. If the lips are well cared for, they can become our best weapon. However, we must bear in mind that each mouth is different and, therefore, each one will require specific care.

Audrey Hepburn already predicted it in the legendary film Breakfast with Diamonds: “You can’t read such a thing without wearing lipstick.” And it is that a well-made-up mouth will make us feel more beautiful. Will give us confidence and fill our faces with life and color.


  • Thick lips
  • Fine lips
  • Thick upper lip
  • Thick lower lip
  • Normal lips
  • Doll mouth
  • Drooping lips
  • Types of lips according to the cupid’s bow

Thick lipsTypes of lips

They are large, voluminous and plump lips that have a phenomenal passion red tone or even brown, depending on the color of the skin. Being thick lips, our advice is to avoid the liner at all costs. Since you would make them even more voluminous and the result would be very artificial. There is only one case in which we recommend using a lip liner. And that is if you want to slightly hide the volume of your lips and make them look slightly thinner. We teach you how to do it:

Clean your lips and apply a little foundation of your skin color so that the products work better.
Apply a little concealer around the edge of your lips. And blend well so that it blends in with your skin tone.
With an eyeliner, mark the inside of your lips. Leaving the outermost crease without makeup. For the upper lip, draw the line just below the cupid’s bow to show its shape and remove a few millimeters of thickness at a time.
Paint your lips with a matte lipstick. As the gloss would give even more volume. Paint inside the previously defined line, do not move away from it.

Although some of the most famous celebrities with this type of mouth are Angelina Jolie, Scarlett Johansson and Kerry Washington, the clearest example to observe how a thick mouth is outlined to make it appear thinner is found in Rihanna.

Fine lipsTypes of lips

The thin lips are thin both on the top and the bottom, which is why it is also known as “small mouth”. While it is true that there are different types of thin mouth, there are many women who bet on playing with makeup to make the lips look thicker. If you want to know how to achieve it, don’t miss the following step by step:

  • First of all, apply a concealer to the lip surface to erase it.
  • Next, with the chosen eyeliner (similar to the lip color you want to use) go over the edge of your lips creating a thick line. Try to make it look as natural as possible.
  • With a different color to the one, you are going to use, create vertical lines in the center of the lower lip, as this will give an optical feeling of fullness.
  • Fill the lips with carmine, adjusting to the line drawn above.

Also, in case you have very thin lips, we recommend avoiding dark colors, since these would further dwarf your mouth. We show you a clear example.

Thick upper lipTypes of lips

Among the types of lips that exist, this is one of the most striking, since it is rare and considered very sexy. In this type of mouth, the lips are not completely balanced and the upper lip is noticeably thicker than the lower lip.

For this type of mouth, strong tones are the best; classic red, garnets and even fucisias. In addition, many women choose to lightly outline their upper lip and thus create more harmony between both lips.

A good example would be Priyanka Chopra, an actress who looks very confident and sensual with strong, shiny lipsticks that bring all the attention to her mouth. Do you want to discover the best lipstick colors for brunettes? Do not miss this other article!

Thick lower lipTypes of lips

This type of mouth is characterized in that the upper part is much thinner than the lower part. In this case, the type of makeup will depend a lot on the difference between one lip and another.

If you have a very thin upper lip, we recommend accentuating the cupid’s bow with the help of an illuminator so that it looks thicker. If the different one is not so noticeable, we advise you to avoid the profiler or mark it very gently.

Whatever your case, if you have a lower lip thicker than the upper one, don’t hesitate to go for softer, nude or peach tones. Dua Lipa has this type of mouth and knows perfectly how to hit it … we’ll show you!

Normal lipsTypes of lips

Although it is true that “normal” is very subjective, this type of standard mouth with the same thickness and volume in both the upper and lower lips is known by this name. They are the most common lips and the easiest to manipulate since you can play with makeup and increase or decrease them depending on what you want.

Clear and shiny lipsticks are always a safe bet, however, the good thing about this mouth is that you can experiment with different colors depending on the skin tone of each person. Of course, we recommend avoiding dark profilers so that the mouth does not look smaller.

So that you can guide yourself better, in the following article we show you how to apply makeup according to skin tone.

Doll mouth

Those round, very full and usually small lips are known as “doll’s mouth”. As it is a type of wide but short mouth, the very strong colors are most striking but can be difficult to combine, since it is easy for the mouth to steal the limelight from the rest of the makeup.

Therefore, we recommend that if you have a doll’s mouth you bet on soft colors with brightness for your day to day and that you opt for reds or darker tones for those special occasions … you will be most explosive!

Drooping lipsTypes of lips

The dropped mouth is one that has the lips in the form of an inverted arch as if they fell downwards. Although these can be of different sizes, it is more common for girls with droopy mouths to have thin lips, which is why many bet on making an overline and making them somewhat thicker.

We recommend taking advantage of this type of lips by outlining them with a nude (or very soft brown) tone before painting them with some shine to give them more volume. Kristen Stewart, who has this type of lip, almost always goes for red lipsticks with a little gloss. We love the result!

Types of lips according to the cupid’s bow

The cupid arch of the lips is the name given to the upper line that borders the lip, the one that we outline when we put makeup on our mouths. This line defines, in a way, the shape of the lips, so that we can use it to our advantage depending on what we want to achieve.

If, for example, we have thin or normal lips and we want them to look thicker and more sensual, we can outline this archo outside the line (only slightly) until it looks wider. Cupid’s bow can vary greatly, however, there are two widely different types.

Cupid bow heart

For this type of mouth, the shape is very marked and resembles, as its name suggests, a heart. In addition, there is a variety of the heart-shaped cupid’s bow called the pointed bow. Which stands out for the pronunciation of both ends.

Although in this case, the color will depend a lot on the skin tone of each person. Few things are more spectacular than lips with a marked cupid bow painted in passion red. Taylor Swift is the clearest example of this type of lip.

Undefined Cupid’s Bow

In this case, the line of the cupid’s bow is continuous. So that the bow is smooth and not easily distinguishable. While it is true that you can always contour your lips and create a smaller cupid bow more marked with a reddish liner, lips with an undefined cupid bow are most sensual when painted in a dark color.

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