The 8 styles of wedding photography

The 8 styles of wedding photography

Now that you have hired your photographer, you know for sure what style your image professional will use? We invite you to know the main photographic genres for couples to discuss with him/her. And choose the best styles of wedding photography.

Absolutely every bride and groom with a foot on the altar need a good photographer to portray their great day. With the same urgency that is required of an expert in decoration for marriage to choose with certainty the floral arrangements for a wedding or a stylist for the bridal hairstyle. Unlike in the past, the field of bridal photography is enriched by new styles and trends. The professionals of the image are no longer limited to the posed photos. They appeal more and more, to different styles / photographic genres to create unique wedding albums. We invite you to discover what these are so that when the time comes, choose that one that harmonizes with your personal seal.

Realistic styles

They are all those photographic resources oriented to reflect reality, as faithful as possible.

The styles of wedding photography

1. Traditional marriage sessionThe 8 styles of wedding photography

It is the most used by wedding photographers and the favorite of traditional couples. Includes posed photographs with friends and family having as background their beautiful church decoration for wedding. Also the highlights of the protocol during your banquet: the first dance, the league, the bouquet or the cut of the cake. It is one of the best styles of wedding photography.

2. Photographic report for marriage

The 8 styles of wedding photography
It is one of the most requested. In him, the professional of the image makes an almost journalistic coverage of his great day. As if telling a story with each shot, which usually is not about posed shots. Includes emotions and unexpected situations that could arise, with the purpose of enriching your album. The faces of the single women trying to catch the wedding bouquet 2018 or their knowing looks as they cut their marriage cake in elastic mass.

3. Contemporary photographyThe 8 styles of wedding photography

Contemporary photography for couples registers actions and spaces. It is dynamic and expressive. Use elements, if necessary. The bride and groom releasing torches in the air or balloons of hearts. The bride with her pet, the groom arriving in paragliding to the ceremony or with his beloved on a bicycle. Your hobbies will be the pillar to create a fresh concept. Includes photos of your decoration, lounge, tables, altar, without having to have someone in front, posing.

Creative styles

In a time when the image sizes the various social networks, it is common for the couple to be more demanding.

4. Fashion photographyThe 8 styles of wedding photography

Impossible for a victim fashion to wear a daring wedding dress with lace, a stylish high hairstyle and not have a catwalk photo on your wedding album. The professionals know them and therefore do not skimp when it comes to recreating fashion photographs in the coverage of marriages. It is one of the best styles of wedding photography.

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5. Art photographyThe 8 styles of wedding photography

It is a more elaborate photo where there is no improvisation. It may be inspired by some artistic trend. The composition and elements are of vital importance, as well as light. All these photos communicate something more than their great day. It is one of the best styles of wedding photography.

6. Study photographyThe 8 styles of wedding photography

They are more elaborate sessions in which lights and flashes are vital. It is done in a particular location or study or otherwise, the professional moves with all his equipment to the chosen scenario. The place is not chosen at random and there is no place for improvisation, although the result seems to indicate the opposite. It is one of the best styles of wedding photography.

7. Detail photographs or macro photographsThe 8 styles of wedding photography

They are photographs of the details that accompany every marriage. The flowers, candles, ornaments, centerpieces, their rings, the bouquet of the bride, the knife and spatula of the cake, their wedding memories. The planes are quite closed and usually require a macro lens and this is why the name. It is one of the best styles of wedding photography.

8. Black and white or sepia photographyThe 8 styles of wedding photography

The couple who love the creative resources of the edition like black and white or sepia photos to give a different air to their wedding album. It is also quite used in outdoor photos where the gray sky does not contribute to the scene. They are artistic photographs for marriage that can add a unique brushstroke to their main portraits.

A successful session, which can reflect your wedding vintage decoration and highlight the smallest detail of your marriage cards can include more than one photographic style. The professionals of the image know this and will be happy to have a couple that knows how to plan ahead. But, above all, appreciate the creative resources offered by contemporary photography. Let your imagination fly!

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