10 fashion tips to look slimmer

10 fashion tips to look slimmer

10 fashion tips to look slimmer. To appear thinner without passing the caser diet and sport is possible! And it’s in your dressing room that it happens. Zoom on our 10 fashion tips to look slimmer in the blink of an eye.

Can I wear a short skirt if I have hips? Do I have the right to adopt this printed cropped pants even if I have plump buttocks? And this little bent t-shirt, he would go, even if I have a little belly? All of these questions are proof that finding clothes that fit and highlighting us is not easy. Especially when we try to hide small curves and hide our complexes. The solution? Appear thinner with smartly worn parts and accessories. So, if you do not want to give up pizza, cheese, and of course chocolate, if you’re not motivated by the idea of doing abs, squats and running on a carpet rolling to the gym, here are our 10 fashion tips to look slimmer playing with the parts that make up your dressing room. Not bad is not it?

10 fashion tips to look slimmer

Tip 1: Balance volumes and lengths10 fashion tips to look slimmer

The basic rule for appearing thinner is to balance lengths and volumes. At first, always keep in mind that you should wear a long piece with a shorter one. Example: if you opt for a high-waisted flared pants, do not hesitate to mix it with a curved top slightly short (but not too much). Conversely, if the top is long, like a shirt or a tunic, it will rather orient you to pants 7/8 th.

In a second time, it is necessary to dose the volumes of your clothes. You dress up in total bent look will not make you look thinner, just like oversize clothing. Always think a bent piece with a fluid piece. By respecting these proportions, your silhouette will always be harmonious and therefore finer!

Tip 2: Opt for the right shoes10 fashion tips to look slimmer

To choose the pair of shoes that will thin you for sure, we must be attentive to several details. The more your shoe is low-cut, the more it will refine your foot and your ankle. This is especially true for sandals and pumps. So one word of order: to reveal your skin to the maximum. Regarding the shape of the heels, do not hesitate to choose high and square for more harmony with your silhouette. Another tip, you can opt for shoes the same color as your pants, which will considerably lengthen your figure.

Tip 3: The high waist is your best ally10 fashion tips to look slimmer

Ultra trendy for several seasons now, you absolutely need high-waisted pants. To boost your figure and be comfortable, there is nothing better. The latter lengthens the entire lower part of your body, shaping your small beads, your belly, and your hips. And what’s more, he draws you a sexy silhouette. Frankly, what more? It is one of the best fashion tips to look slimmer.

Tip 4: wear only one strong piece (volumes, prints, patterns)10 fashion tips to look slimmer

Ruffles, prints, sequins, drapes, shiny materials … all these details boost your look. But worn excessively, they can bring too much volume to your figure. Once again, you have to dose. Also, wear only one piece to details, mixed with a more sober garment, to place in the right place of your figure, that is to say, where you prefer to attract attention.

Tip 5: choose lingerie at its size10 fashion tips to look slimmer

A too small panty, a shorty too wide, a triangle bra badly cut or a push-up too small … All these small mistakes tend to expand your figure. To look thinner a few inches nothing beats well-trimmed lingerie. You can opt for a push-up bra that will go up your chest and lengthen your bust, a bodysuit to emphasize your size or even high-waisted panties to hide a small belly that you complex.

Tip 6: Put the colors in the right places10 fashion tips to look slimmer

It is well known, black has a slimming effect. You can buy closed eyes dark pieces. However, it’s a little sad. To pamper vitaminized colors your look, opt for the technique of monochrome, by working your outfit by shades of colors. So you can wear all the colors without risking taking 3 more sizes. It is one of the best fashion tips to look slimmer.

Tip 7: wear a belt10 fashion tips to look slimmer

This winter, the belt was everywhere. That’s good since this essential accessory can also be used to refine your silhouette. The advantage with the latter is that it draws a fine size, even when you do not have one. And yes, it’s magic. Feel free to wear it with your high-waisted mom jeans, over an oversized knit sweater, over a long dress and even over a fluid shirt. It is one of the best fashion tips to look slimmer.

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Tip 8: Choose a bag of medium size10 fashion tips to look slimmer

A mini bag? It might make you look broader. A bag too big? It’s the same. Disproportionate accessories deform your figure. That’s why you need a medium sized bag to refine. If possible with original colors and details to draw attention to him rather than you. It is one of the best fashion tips to look slimmer.

Tip 9: Do not choose clothes made of too thick materials10 fashion tips to look slimmer

It is better to move away from synthetic materials that compress the body and thick fabrics (velvet, tweed …) which, they, grow, especially when they are adopted on a strong piece. On the contrary, prefer fluid materials and fabrics such as jersey, cotton, silk that fit your figure.

Tip 10: Value your assets10 fashion tips to look slimmer

Ladies, show what you’re proud of! This technique allows you to not draw attention to a part of your body that you find too imposing. Let appear a part of your chest thanks to a beautiful neckline which will enlarge your bust. Unveil your shoulders with a Bardot top that will throb your headwear. To each his little thing! It is one of the best fashion tips to look slimmer.