5 styles of sleeves bombachas for wedding dresses

styles of sleeves

The sleeves have a very important role, are those that complement the main concept of the bridal design. With them, you can give it a classic, elegant or vaporous sense. We offer you five different styles of sleeves, so you can be inspired and apply them to your wedding dress.

The styles of sleeves bombachas for wedding dresses

1. Pleatedstyles of sleeves

Pleated fabrics will be in trend in the coming seasons. These will make your dress have a vaporous and light air. In addition, the ribbons and embroidery work very well as complements.

2. Bright fabricsstyles of sleeves

Glossy fabrics such as satin, acetate or silk will give you a lot of movement and a spectacular fall. Try to include buttons, it will give a very elegant touch.

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3. Half shoulderstyles of sleeves

The bombachas sleeves that start from the shoulders are the sexiest since you can wear them as well as your back. Try transparencies or a smooth texture, both are very elegant.

4. Lacestyles of sleeves bombachas for wedding dresses

This has been the classic of all times and will continue to be so. Take a risk with short sleeves of lace and open a little back to give freshness to your dress.

5. With transparencystyles of sleeves

These sleeves can be applied in many ways. If you want them long, try to have several divisions to add volume. At the end of this, you can include fists to match your dress.