Tips to choose the best nail shapes

best nail shapes

A definitive guide with all the best nail shapes you should know: from “semi-square” to “almond-shaped”.

Having the perfect nails is not just choosing the right enamel color or being aware of the coolest nail art designs of the year. Everything starts with the ideal form. How do you know which is the best way for you?   Round and square are just the tips of the iceberg. Discover all the options among which you can choose according to the most flattering according to your fingers and your personal style.

Here we gather the best advice from experts and we have created a definitive guide from how to distinguish the styles to how to select the right angles for your nails.

Tips to choose the best nail shapes

Roundbest nail shapes

The round shape is among the most popular, and the truth is that they are the ideal option for which we tend to think that our fingers are short or thick. Why? The rounded shape lengthens your hands making them look thinner and more stylized. They are also ideal for those who prefer to have short nails. Get them by filing the side walls of the square nails and then round to create a perfect circular angle. It is one the best nail shapes. Continue Reading- All the best nail art and manicure for short nails

Ovalsbest nail shapes

Similar to the round one, the oval nails are obtained giving them a more elongated shape and filing the edges more. It is definitely one of the most elegant and feminine forms. They are ideal in thin hands, with elongated nails and narrow channel. To give them this shape, it is better to have a longer nail.


Although to the naked eye they seem oval, the almond-shaped nails are thinner at the tips, simulating, as the name says, an almond. This ultra-feminine shape that stretches the fingers is achieved by filing the sides to achieve a peak thinner than the base. It is one the best nail shapes.

Tip nails (or stiletto)best nail shapes

This long pointed and dramatic style stylizes the fingers and is ideal for those who have wide fingers. Avant-garde spirit is the favorite form of celebrities, but of course, it is only recommended in acrylic nails because the natural nails may not have enough strength to maintain shape and break after a short time.


They are very simple to obtain since you only have to file straight. Of course, the excess of the file can cause your nails to break. If you have thin fingers and narrow nails this shape is ideal for you. In addition, they tend to be the perfect canvas for the most intricate nail art trends. Of course, if you have wide nails, avoid this style!


This hybrid between the square and rounded nails is the universally most flattering shape since it looks both short and long and thin fingers. Combining the elegance of oval nails and the strength of square nails is ideal for all, even those with shorter nails!

Dancer or coffin

Imitating the shape of a ballerina’s shoe or that of a coffin (call it what you prefer depending on how much darks you are), this style requires long XL nails, sharp, and then filed in the straight cut at the tip. It’s Kylie Jenner’s favorite style, and it’s a great way if you want to try something different. Although you can try it with your natural nails, the style resists much better with false nails. It is one the best nail shapes.

Do you dream of these shapes but practically you ate all the nails? If you bite them or cut them super short some of these forms will not work, but that does not mean that your manicure cannot look fabulous. Ask your manicurist to follow the natural shape of your nails: do they look more round or square at this time?

And if you are looking to grow your nails (New Year’s purpose?) Follow these recommendations:

Use cuticle oil every night

When nails are moist they can grow and stay strong.

Keep up with your manicures

If you tell your manicurist that you want to have almond, oval, or square nails, you can begin to give them that shape to grow that way.