How to wear hair bands and turbans this summer!

How to wear hair bands and turbans this summer!

One of the trends of the summer, but a real evergreen for fashionistas, will be wearing hair bands and turbans. But how are they going? We’ll explain it to you! Here is how to wear hair bands and turbans this summer!

Wear hair bands is an old Hollywood trend that takes us hopelessly between the 60s and 70s, to the dawn of jeans and gym shoes; to the magic of those years and to new discoveries.

But let’s start with the basics: how do you wear a hair band? Is there only one way to put it? It sounds simple but, if you let yourself be governed by chance, as soon as the band touches your hair you will realize its complexity. This is why we have prepared a video for you.

How to put the do-it-yourself hair bandHow to wear hair bands and turbans this summer!

To make a DIY summer wear hair band, all you need is a nice scarf and follow our simple tutorial. There are many ways to put it, which will allow you to play with different styles and hairstyles. The scarf you can choose with the fantasy that you like and that best matches the look with which you will match it.

It should not be too short otherwise you will not be able to play knots that allow us to create an imaginative and original band, but also very trendy. To make a do-it-yourself band the steps to take are few and simple, follow them carefully in the video above and in the blink of an eye you will have the perfect band for you!

Wear headbands for summer hair and turban: what do we combine them with?How to wear hair bands and turbans this summer!

Despite what one might imagine, wear hair band or the turban are versatile and practical. We can choose them if we don’t have the time to create a particular hairstyle. But also to make our style unique and unmistakable. In the summer, then, the hair band is really a must-have, an accessory that at least once we have to show off at an event or for a walk with friends. It is one of the best tips to wear hair bands.

Because the hair bands are original, colorful, imaginative, perfect for summer liveliness. We can combine them with different looks, both the more casual ones, both the most elegant ones. They can represent an accessory that fits perfectly with the colors of our outfit but also represents an element of rupture with contrasting colors, thus reviving even the most minimal outfits. We can buy an already made and beautiful one, for example, there are many with the elastic or with simplified closures, or opt for a do-it-yourself hair band.


Who’s the hair band all right?How to wear hair bands and turbans this summer!

Hair bands, turbans, and scarves can wear them all because they represent a simple accessory but able to change the fate of your look. There are various types: thin, double, in wool, in cotton, in silk (if you use a do-it-yourself scarf) and certainly, the one that best fits our face should be chosen.

In fact, if you have a small, round face, you prefer bands that are not too thick to prevent them from getting the upper hand; if you have a long face, however, a thicker scarf or turbine may be more appropriate, which will soften the head with rounder shapes. It is one of the best tips to wear hair bands.

With longer hair, we recommend thin bands with a bow or knot in the center of the head, perhaps accompanied by waves and beach waves. For short hair, however, there is a separate chapter. In addition, if you have light hair, opt for bands in bright colors and also in contrast; if you have dark hair, you can opt for warm colors and tropical patterns.

But nothing prevents you from choosing the fantasy you like at the time. There are many scarves with particular patterns: geometric, African, tropical, or with polka dots or hearts. If you don’t prefer too many colors (even if they are perfect for summer bands) you can opt for mono or bi-color scarves, from pastel to strong colors like fuchsia, electric blue or emerald green. In short, give vent to your originality and you will see that the band will marry perfectly with your spirit! Now that you know all about how to wear a headband, you can take inspiration from these 30 ideas on how to wear headscarves and turbans, and give a sophisticated and original touch to your look.

Short hair: band or turban?How to wear hair bands and turbans this summer!

The short hair bands represent an accessory that allows, even to those who do not have the length, to vary their hairstyle. Whether you have a pixie cut or a short bob, the hair band will give your look a fresh and original touch. In short, it is not the length of the hair that allows us to wear this accessory, indeed, even those with short hair can follow our tutorial and make the same bands for their hair. It is one of the best tips to wear hair bands.

Of course, there could be more problems in terms of the length of the hairstyle, but to our aid the magical hairpins arrive, which stop the band, avoiding its fall during a wild summer dance. With the hairpins, then, we can also give a different shape to any fringes or short hair tufts, making our hairstyle even more unique and different. Moreover, the turban is a real gem of style for those with short hair.

Practical to wear, both when we buy it already beautiful and done, and when we make it with a nice scarf, but also very trendy and fashionista. In fact, we’ve seen him wear even the biggest stars like Rihanna, Beyoncé but also Katy Perry or Cara Delevigne. For short hair it is perfect in the summer: it repairs our heads to the sea, transforms us into true trendsetters and, above all, makes us incredibly sexy! Take a look here: