Perfect bridal hairstyles based on the length or type of hair

Perfect bridal hairstyles based on the length or type of hair

The day of the fateful yes, you know, must be taken care of in the smallest details, even as regards the bridal hairstyle. After having thought of location, catering, music, after playing Tetris with relatives and guests for the seat at the table, and especially after choosing a dress and make-up, it is also up to your hair. Here are the tips for perfect bridal hairstyles based on the length or type of hair.

To help you choose, we offer a gallery with some ideas of bridal hairstyle, from which you can take inspiration to be beautiful on the day you celebrate your love. But let’s look in detail how many options we have when it comes to bridal hairstyles. First of all, a lot depends on the length of the hair.

A long or very long hair will allow us to play more with hairstyles like the harvested, the chignon or the various types of braids. But it will also have more versatility for side hairstyles or accessories that will magically adorn the entire hair. If instead, the hair is short or in any case of an average length, it will be possible to play more with semi-crops or in any case with hair accessories like crowns and tiaras, always ready to make us the queens of that special day. Let’s look at them in detail.


Perfect bridal hairstyles for those with long hairPerfect bridal hairstyles based on the length or type of hair

Long hair is certainly the most versatile: it gives ample space to the imagination, to the choice of the hairstyle that every bride wants. It is no coincidence that many women, in anticipation of marriage, choose not to cut their hair any more and to let them grow fluent and very long. It is one of the best perfect bridal hairstyles.

This is because having a beautiful hair allows us to have no brakes. Among the bridal hairstyles for long hair, we have many options in fact: from the largest bun to the semi-harvest, passing through braids and original crops. Just the semi-harvest looks like the most coveted bridal hairstyle.

This is because it perfectly mixes the possibility of having a particular hairstyle but not having to completely tie the hair, and leave it partially loose under the magnificent veil. We can opt for a simple semi-harvested, with a fluid half-tail that we will decorate with flowers, with diamonds or stress, but also for a more elaborate semi – harvest , which starts off simple but comes in particular braids, side but also Dutch, with the possibility of creating a real crown that surrounds the forehead with our hair.

If instead, we prefer to collect all the hair, especially in anticipation of a hot summer wedding, we can opt for a chignon, very tight and tall, or super soft and low, both for a particular crop that mixes braids and fluffy hair. The braid itself is a very viable option for an elegant and original bridal hairstyle: there is the Dutch braid, the French braid but also the herringbone braid, very popular in 2019. The braid can also be made laterally and adorned with flowers or diamonds. In short, browse the gallery to get some inspiration!

Wedding hairstyles for those with short hairPerfect bridal hairstyles based on the length or type of hair

The wedding hairstyles perfect for short hair are more elegant and imaginative than you might imagine. A distinction must certainly be made between very short hair, such as pixie cut or short cuts with fringe, and helmets or various bobs. If you have very short hair, a very precise hairstyle has already been chosen. It is one of the best perfect bridal hairstyles.

The short cut, in fact, is full of personality and style. On the wedding day, we can enhance its beauty with tiaras, crowns but also with particular color choices or make the short cut the novelty of the wedding. The wedding hairstyles for helmets or for long bob instead, they can be of various types. If you have a very short bob, face height or slightly under the chin, you can opt for a light semi-harvest, to be adorned with a tiara or crown.

The alternative, instead, is to enliven the cut with curls or beach waves, perfect for the most fashion-conscious bridal gowns. Equally beautiful if you have a long bob, a medium cut that allows you to play with many of the bridal hairstyles for long hair. Another wonderful idea for those who have a long bob is a side hairstyle, which is a braid but above all a soft and elegant half-harvest. Browse the gallery to get an idea!

And for curly hair? Here are the perfect hairstyles!Perfect bridal hairstyles based on the length or type of hair

Curly hair might seem more complex to manage, but instead represents an interesting base from which to experiment with beautiful curly bridal hairstyles. It is one of the best perfect bridal hairstyles.

This is because of its nature it is fluffy and lively, and it offers the possibility of inserting accessories, even with a vintage flavor, such as rhinestones, flowers or bon ton decorations. The easiest hairstyle to make is that of the harvest, which will be large and majestic, pushed by a curly hair full of volume. To always take into consideration in weight that this type of hairstyle can have: if you have very long hair, and opt for a high harvest, remember that in the long run, with the passing of the wedding hours, you might feel the weight of this choice.

Solution? Choose a harvested low, or half head, so as not to burden the hairline too much and avoid unpleasant sensations at the end of the evening. The braid is a valid alternative with a boho-chic flavor, as long as the hair is rather long, otherwise, it would be too short. If instead, you want a loose and sensual hairstyle, opt for a side one, with a braid on one side that joins the loose hair all on one shoulder. The effect under the veil will be really super!