How to wear white shorts

white shorts


If in the summer you are going to wear shorts and especially white ones, it is important to know which ones are the best matches so as not to disfigure. In general, it is a shade that fits for multiple looks, but nevertheless has a hint of foresight Also, it does not hurt to look more beautiful than usual. In reference to this, here is a guide with some suggestions on how to combine white shorts.

Wear a navy blue t-shirt

A white short can be combined very well with shades of red and dark blue, and specifically with a V-neck blouse or even a sweet life. In addition, you can also wear sneakers or ballerinas, as long as the tone remembers the same as the shirt chosen to combine with the white shorts. This type of combination is a simple look that creates a cheeky attitude, simple and at the same time ideal for those who want to dress young when they are teenagers.

Opt for a cotton jacket

If your favorite is white short and quite wide, since it gives the impression of having a slimmer leg, the choice does not create problems in terms of pairing with other clothes. In fact, if, for example, you go for a more refined street style instead of trash, this type of look does not require very short shorts. That said, when it comes to clothing, you can go for a denim jacket in a classic blue or light blue hue. Alternatively, cotton ones with buttons (other than metal) in the same shade are fine. In this case, the most indicated colors are red, orange and those with a blue scale that begins in the dark. To complete your look and make it fit the shorts, you can wear the typical canvas shoes, which are also the same color as the underlying jacket or blouse,

Orient yourself in a jacket

Many people find it inappropriate to combine white shorts with a jacket, but this can be immediately denied because it is ideal for stilettos. A short or long-short worn with the shoes mentioned above is perfect for lengthening the silhouette, and at the same time adds elegance to the feminine outfit, especially if the sandals in question are black and the jacket (with a black blouse) is also white. However, it is important to note that for a refined look like this, orienting yourself in a not very long leather jacket, be it light brown with a tendency to beige or black, means combining it perfectly with a short, short or wide white length.