Is Cristiano Ronaldo married

Is Cristiano Ronaldo married

Is Cristiano Ronaldo married? This is the news of the week: the possible wedding of Cristiano Ronaldo. All alarms have been triggered and the eyes are focused on him. Have you given the ‘yes, I want’ Portuguese?

It has been the Italian magazine Novella 2000 that has given the exclusive: Cristiano Ronaldo could have married Georgina Rodriguez.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s wedding: everything indicates that the Portuguese have given the ‘yes, I want’Is Cristiano Ronaldo married

The former Real Madrid footballer and current Juventus striker, attended one of the most important events in the world of music, the MTV EMA Gala 2019, which was held in Seville to which, of course, he attended with his partner Georgina But what happened next?

Novella 2000 points out that it was the friend of the Portuguese striker,  Badr Hari,  who would have financed the link. A secret wedding to which only a small intimate circle of friends of the couple would have attended, a wedding in the petit committee.

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Is Cristiano Ronaldo marriedIs Cristiano Ronaldo married

The Italian magazine points out that later the couple moved to Morocco where they married in secret. It was in August that rumors about a possible wedding of Cristiano Ronaldo were shot when the model posted a photo in her Instagram account that referred to her partner as her ‘ husband ‘. Now, the Italian magazine seems to confirm that, finally, the ‘yes I want’ has occurred. No one in your environment has spoken, neither to confirm nor to deny anything.

It was in 2016 when the footballer met Georgina. She worked in a shop as a shop assistant and, it seems, Cupid accomplished her mission. At the end of this year, the couple began their love story and, just one year later. On November 11, 2019, Alana Martina arrived in the world, their first daughter in common.

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We cannot forget the statements that Cristiano Ronaldo made in an interview for Good Morning America. ‘Geo is part of me. It has helped me a lot. Of course, I’m in love with her. She is the mother of my children. It is the great love of my life. ‘

The Portuguese are so clear that Argentina is the love of his life that the Italian magazine has announced that the former Real Madrid player has modified his will to include his wife. Well, long live love!

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