6 style tips for curvy women

curvy women

Curvy women want to find balance and conceal the volumes of their silhouette with clothes that stylize and lengthen their figure. It may seem like a very complicated mission, but it is much easier if you know how to do it . Take note of these 6 style tips for curvy women.

Tips for curvy women

First of all, we want to point out something: if you are healthy, you do not have to be ashamed of your curves . They are one of the physical characteristics that constitute you as you are. The following tips are not intended to make you appear slimmer, because it is not something you have to pursue if you don’t want to, but it will help you look your best. Show off your curves!

1. Choose a good fabriccurvy women

Firstly, avoid lycra stretch fabrics, shiny fabrics, stripes, and prints. These tend to make your curves look disproportionate and give you a more robust look. Go better for light textures like cotton fibers and pastel colors. Keep in mind that black makes you thinner but at the same time dulls your face.

2. The neckline that suits you the mostcurvy women

Blouses with chest details are perfect for you, but so are halter or V necklines. You will be able to draw attention to your chest and show off your clavicles so that your neck appears longer while round or turtlenecks eliminate the natural shape of the chest and add extra width. The sleeves at the top of your look should be three-quarter lengths to hide the width and show only the forearms.

3. The pants that best fit youcurvy women

The pants that best fit curvy women are those with a high rise at the waist instead of the hips, and no large or side pockets so that they do not generate more volume in this area. Straight boot or Capri knee jeans will add volume to your lower legs to balance your silhouette and lengthen your figure. If you prefer to dress in skirts, avoid flared flares, and opt for others such as tube ones, which will also achieve this desired effect.

Combine pants or skirts with blazers that are not too long and you will look much prettier.


4. Bet on dresses in Acurvy women

To accentuate your curves, nothing better than the A-line wrap dresses, which fit at the waist and fall. Another ideal option is the peplum, which fits at the top and opens towards the hips. Very long or straight-cut dresses produce an optical effect of volume at the hips and will make you appear shorter. Also, if you add a belt to your pants or dress, you will be able to define your waist even more, since loose clothing will only make you appear wider.

5. And like shoes … Stilettos!

As for footwear, heels are the best option. Specifically, the pointed ‘stilettos’ with the sides exposed will make your legs look longer. If you don’t want to wear heels, shoes with a slightly elongated toe will also show off your curves.

6. The importance of bag sizecurvy women

Finally, and to complete your look, choose a bag according to your size, a smaller one will make you look more robust. If you like accessories, long necklaces will make you appear taller and more stylized. Combine them with the bracelets and earrings and … a sure hit!