The 7 type of fashion styles

fashion styles

It is true, each fashion styles represents a way of thinking, acting and being, with each style we mark and create our own identity that defines and identifies us. Many times we are not fully aware of what our style is, we always dress, we dress and choose our look without paying attention, letting ourselves be carried away by our instincts and our tastes.

But how can you know which style prevails in you? How to know which others you can identify with? To understand this we must first know what are the main styles that exist in the world of fashion.

Type of fashion styles

Casual Stylefashion styles

It is characterized by being relaxed, simple and simple, these people who are fans of jeans, shorts, little tight shirts, oversize garments and quiet looks that go according to their personality and particular tastes, use few accessories and the priority is the comfort.

Romantic stylefashion styles

Pastel colors, floral prints, and lace are essential here. They are people who love feminine, delicate designs and their outfits are built by dresses, skirts, hand-woven blouses, and embroidery.

Traditional stylefashion styles

Traditional or classic people are generally professionals and executives focused on their business life, here we see a lot the combination of classics such as black and white, traditional suits are basic and evoke determination. It is one of the best types of fashion styles.

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Elegant stylefashion styles

Elegant people love the recognized and expensive brands that allow them to feel an experience when buying. Although they are not very risky, fashion, elegance. And value is fundamental aspects in their life, reflecting it perfectly in their impeccable way of dressing.

Sensual Style

The sensual style is sometimes confused with something vulgar and is nothing similar, sensual people are confident and self-confident, allowing them to carry their body and show it to the world without penalty, highlighting their figure and its best attributes, without taking it to the extreme. We should all have something sensual!

Creative style

This style is wonderful, imagination plays a fundamental role and that is when the color, textures. And designs fill the closets and streets of a city with life. They are outgoing and fun people, risky and like to attract attention. They are not afraid of change and they like the extravagance of being different and identifiable to others.

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Dramatic Style

This style breathes and reflects haute couture and pure fashion, avant-garde, eccentricity, and passion for spectacular designs, they are the fundamental hallmark of people who identify with this style, they are generally fashionistas, trends and know their style. It is one of the best types of fashion styles.

We all have a characteristic style and it is easy to learn to identify. But not all of us are one thing even in fashion. It is possible that we identify with many styles. So we have one that predominates, so with each collection of our designer Alexandra Bueno. We are looking for that women can be many versions of themselves, they feel different. But at the same time, they can print to each outfit a personal. And characteristic seal that will undoubtedly be unique and identifiable to others, so are you ready to discover who you are?