The natural or Basic style

Basic style

And we come to the third type of style in our series: natural or basic style. Women adept in this style are practical and stripped down. Simplicity in dressing is paramount and they prefer pieces that are easy to match, such as the combo shirt and jeans.

The keyword that can define and guide the choice of pieces for a woman’s look of natural or basic style is a comfort. Trendy pieces can even make up your look as long as they’re very comfortable.

“Being fashionable” is not the essence of this style. In fact, they don’t even bother to look for references about what is trending or not. First of all, they wear what they want and bring them comfort.

The practicality, casualness, and casualness with which they dress conveys an image of joy and cheerfulness and gives these women a friendly and receptive air.

What they like

Women in the natural or basic style are adept at looser, more comfortable, base-fitting pieces. They are also adept at oversized and stripped-down modeling.

The key pieces of the wardrobe are jeans and a shirt, preferably white. And to top it off, natural t-shirts, blouses, and loose-fitting dresses, shorts, jeans, and comfortable pants.

Because they do not like so many accessories, overlays are welcome in this style such as jackets, parka, vests, cotton shirts, and knitting. These pieces help to give more information to the look without losing the simplicity and simplicity that the basic style demands.

Accessories, makeup, and hair

Basic style

The comfort of the clothes is reflected in the shoes and tend to be mostly low, but if they have heels, they prefer the medium height with thick heels or platforms. The main shoes are sneakers, but they also wear sneakers, birken, flat or thick-heeled boots, platforms, and espadrilles.

They do not change bags constantly. They prefer shoulder bags or large bags and backpacks because they are more practical and fit whatever it takes. The color is usually neutral as black or caramel, precisely because they do not change often.


The makeup is little or none. The skincare is more so that you have healthy air or a light makeup with natural air.

The hair also has natural air when loose and choose cuts that are practical and make it easier to get ready. A messy bun, a more stripped ponytail are the favorite hairstyles of women of this style.

Colors and prints

Basic style

Because they are practical when dressing, the ease of matching colors and prints is essential. Therefore, they prefer more neutral colors such as white, black, beige, gray and earth tones. But also easy-to-match colors like blue and green in darker shades.

But other colors can appear in the look as long as they allow coordination that doesn’t require hours of planning.

For the same reason, the natural or basic style opts for discreet prints like stripes, plaid, and minimalists like poá. Only prints that bring practicality and simplicity when dressing.


Basic style

Natural fabrics like cotton are the favorite, besides wool and jeans that is the representation of the basics. Gives preference for opaque fabrics.

What does this style convey

Joy, cheerfulness, responsiveness, and relaxation;

Animation, energy, and simplicity;

Practicality, spontaneity, and informality;

Casualty, Activity, and Health.


Natural or basic style women convey a friendly, laid-back image, easily attracting friends.

The simple and practical coordination between the pieces reduces the stress that many women feel when looking for something to wear. And the comfort of style works great for everyday life.

Points to be improved

Because it is an informal style, it turns out not to be ideal for a work environment. Since it may end up causing them not to take you seriously. In addition to the risk of becoming too careless and sloppy.

The best way to improve this point is by investing in the quality of the clothes and prefer noble fabrics that can bring that refinement to the look without the comfort side.

Elements of elegant style would bring a little more formality to natural style and would be the ideal combination for a work environment. See more about elegant style here.

Natural or basic style references

Amazingly, Jennifer Aniston and Gisele Bundchen, two beauty icons, are a reference for

this style and show that the basics are super cool.