Unicorn makeup step by step, pure fantasy!

Unicorn makeup, whether for photos, Halloween parties, or other occasions, is one of the most sought after and that is why we show you how to do it.

Unicorns are mythological beings that fill our imagination with magic. We visualize them in our minds trotting over a rainbow in a fantastic universe in which we are the protagonists and they are our faithful steeds.

That is why we put on makeup and dress up like them, whether we are little or already grown up, we even invented a hair trend inspired by these beings! Here we share some ideas for girls and a very easy step-by-step for you.

Unicorn makeup for girls

Make the dreams of your daughters, nieces, goddaughters and other girls around you come true by turning them into tender specimens of these beings, you only have to take into account two very important things:

  1. In no case should girls wear makeup as women, because they must preserve their innocence? In that sense, the little girls should look more artistic, with diamonds and appliques, but with a clean childish face.
  2. Remember to always use special makeup for children’s skin. In the market, you can find several brands to choose from.

Unicorn makeup for women step by step

They say that the eyes are the mirror of the soul, that’s why we chose them to be our canvas on which to express the passion we feel for unicorns: the perfect complement to your costume.

Ingredients for easy unicorn makeup

  • Pastel Shadow Palette
  • black liquid eyeliner
  • black lash
  • Appliques for artistic makeup

 Necessary implements

  • makeup brush set

Unicorn makeup brushes

Although you can use any set of brushes you have at home or buy one at your favorite cosmetics store, how about continuing the magic by applying makeup with this beauty whose design is inspired by these fantastic animals?

Time required

  • 40 minutes

The estimated cost of this unicorn costume makeup

  • $30,000 (COP)

Unicorn makeup procedure for Halloween

1. Make up the eyebrows

Use the most intense purple shadows you have and with the help of an eyebrow brush, paint them.

2. Makeup eyelids

Using a medium flat brush, apply coral-hued shadows to the entire middle of your eyelid. If you want the tone to be more intense, slightly dampen your brush.

3. Makeup eyelids

Now, apply a pink color to the outer eyelid. Now, take a blending brush and gently “blend” both shades.

4. Makeup eyelids

With the same all purple of the eyebrows, mark the outer eye socket and blur, slightly narrowing the gaze.

5. Outline and apply eyelash

Use the liquid eyeliner to draw a thick top line. Take it to the end of the shadows, fine-tuning it subtly. Then put on 3 layers of mascara, letting the previous layer dry for about 10 minutes.

6. Put appliques

Finally, decorate the corners of your eyes with sparkly appliques to taste.