The grandmother’s little cardigan becomes trendy in the last look of Kendall Jenner, do not leave it at home!

Kendall Jenner

You may have had enough of hearing your mother repeat a million times that you take the cardigan before leaving, in case it refreshes. But of course, she never told you to combine her as brilliantly as Kendall Jenner. Nor that this cardigan could be the millennial garment plus it of the season. No doubt, with inspiration like this we will not leave home without it on. She is the star of styling!Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner has worn this oversized cardigan in mustard tones and XXL format, which could well be a dress for this fall. But she has given him much more good atmosphere, combined with a jeans slightly wider design mom and crop-top very sophisticated, with square neckline and those extra thin straps that are so chic. An all-terrain look that we can copy with booties, as Kendall does, or with sports and always be ideal.Kendall Jenner

In addition, Kendall Jenner has added a touch of color with accessories in red, with that little bag of cherry print that she carries in her hand. A perfect way to create chromatic contrasts in a styling, at the touch of accessories. Are you already looking for the cardigan that you know you kept at the back of the closet a hundred seasons ago? We too!