Cat makeup for Halloween

Cat makeup

The classics never fail and it is precisely the cat costume which, accompanied by a good makeup, will triumph during this night. We share cat makeup for Halloween.

Halloween is, for many, one of the most anticipated moments of the year. During the celebration of the night before the day of the dead, that is to say, the vigil from October 31 to November 1, in our country the American custom has been adapted to disguise different characters, preferably terrifying, in order to leave to frighten the neighbors in exchange for sweets, in the case of children, or to go out and have a good time, in the case of adults.

During this celebration, as in Carnival, many people seek a highly original costume to surprise other guests. There are those who have the most fun ideas, who manage to make everyone fall at their feet during the celebration of Halloween. But, as in Carnival, there are some more used costumes, for those who do not like to draw so much attention or prefer a more popular costume, but no less fun or elegant.

One of these most popular costumes to wear on Halloween, especially for women, is that of a cat. It is a fun costume, while easy to get and with a very elegant makeup while flattering. It is not too complicated to perform, so if you opt for the cat costume this Halloween you can get a perfect cat look to become a perfect guest during this celebration.

Discover how to make, step by step, cat makeup so you can look pretty and elegant as good feline during this special night.


The first thing you should do before putting on makeup is to clean the skin of the face well. Remember that you should always remove any makeup from the previous day before going to bed. And that, preferably, it is always good to wash your face before applying another type of makeup. To make sure that no remains of the makeup of the previous day.

Use a special soap for the face, depending on the type of skin you have. Like the moisturizer, the soap should be specified according to the needs of your face, whether it is for dry, mixed or oily skin or with a tendency to acne. If you have doubts about what is the best soap and the best moisturizer for the skin of your face, do not hesitate to consult your doctor or dermatologist who can advise the most appropriate products for your skin type and for a better care of your face , especially on special occasions like Halloween, that you’re probably going to get more makeup of the normal and different products to those that you use in your day today.

Once you have thoroughly washed your face, dried and applied moisturizing cream you can start to make cat makeup. To do this, look for a base of liquid or creamy makeup with a lighter shade than your skin. Some base the same color as your skin is applied. But with one or two lighter shades will make your makeup highlight more. And give your costume cat one aspect a little scarier, perfect for Halloween night.


When you have your face ready you can start focusing on the details to recreate this cat makeup for Halloween so ideal. With a black eye pencil, you can delineate your eyes, both above the eyelid, attached to the eyelashes. And in the lower part of the eye. Also apply black eyeliner on the water line, the inner and lower part of the eye. It ends at both ends of the eye, slightly lengthening the lines outwards. And joining them at the end, thus creating more almond shaped eyes, reminiscent of those of felines.Cat makeup

Do not worry if the lines are a little thicker than usual, in this way you will recreate a more exaggerated. And the ideal look on such a special night. Apply a mascara black and thick eyelashes, we seek to highlight this area of your face. So do not be afraid to apply this product. Another option would be long curved false eyelashes.

To finish completing your cat makeup for Halloween you can use the same black eyeliner to paint the cat’s nose on the tip of your own nose. It does not have to occupy all the tip, you can make it smaller, like a simple detail and in the cheeks. You can draw three fine whiskers on each side of the face. Try to be as symmetrical as possible and make three dots on each side on your upper lip to finish completing the look.

If you want you can add white makeup, in the form of a bar like those sold in costume stores. In the area of the cheeks or nose, to make a bicolor cat touch. As for the lips, you can make up the upper lip black and leave the bottom of your natural tone. For a daring makeup, or paint them all in a nude tone for a more discreet look. Dare to try different types of makeup. And find the cat that you like to enjoy this year, as every year, the celebration of Halloween.